The Answer to Sky-High Housing Prices: Houses in the Sky
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In the capable hands of French photographer Laurent Chehere, ordinary houses become whimsical lighter-than-air structures. They shun the ground and take to the sky to float serenely, lingering with the birds and the clouds in their new airy homes.

Chehere seems to have a strong affinity for the mundane placed into an unexpected situation. These floating houses are digitally ripped from their Earth-bound homes by the photographer and placed in a completely foreign environment.

The homes are not simply transplanted into the wide blue yonder, however. Chehere lets them maintain a tenuous connection to the earth via a few power lines or, in the case of one home, a broken ladder.

One has to wonder just who is living in this airborne abodes. One sports a clothing line dangling beneath the house, only accessible from the air or perhaps a special hatch on the bottom side of the house.

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