Batman Infographic: The Myriad Monikers of Gotham Villains
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Catwoman, The Joker, Two-Face and Bane are just the beginning when it comes to Batman’s nemeses in the decades-long history of the character and his complex adventures in Gotham. Have you heard of ‘Swashbuckler’, ‘The Penny Plunderer’, ‘Colonel Sulphur’, or ‘Bamboo Monkey’? These obscure villains and more can all be found on a fun infographic, ‘The Myriad Monikers of Gotham’s Villains’, by Pop Chart Lab.

The taxonomy chart lists hundreds of names divided into categories like Mad Dogs, Arthropods, Colored Masks, The Death Industry and Men of the Cloth. To get a really good look at all of them, check out the zoom feature at Pop Chart Lab.

Each 18×24″ print is signed and numbered by the artists and produced using vegetable-based inks and archival recycled stock in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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