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Cool Beans: The World’s Most Startling Starbucks Stores

These 10 unique international Starbucks outlets manage to support brand identity, cater to local cultures and jolt the senses like a triple-shot Venti espresso.

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Amazing Aerogel: Strong as Steel, Light as Air

There is an amazing material that is lighter than Styrofoam, stronger than steel and the perfect heat insulator - and most people have never heard of it.

Honey I Shrunk The City! Alan Wolfson’s Tiny Streets

The urban sculptures of Alan Wolfson are tiny, incredibly detailed views of the mundane city landmarks that urban citizens interact with on a daily basis.

No Need for Directions with GPS Shoes to Guide Your Feet

Inspired by Dorothy's shoes leading her home on the Wizard of Oz, these 'No Place Like Home' shoes are equipped with GPS to lead you to your destination.

Award-Winning Small Projects Show How Less is More

The six winners of the AIA Small Projects Awards, including tea houses and pavilions, are great examples of well-designed architecture on a small scale.

World’s Smallest House? 1 Sq M of Mobile Living Space

Once a Laotian refugee and, now, a German architect, Van Bo Le-Mentzel understands firsthand what it means to be homeless and displaced.

Retro Fits: 15 Hacks & Mods Take iPads Back in Time

The iPad is on the cutting edge of technology - but that doesn't stop us from loving retro gadgets. These iPad cases and accessories offer the best of both.

Tiny Toothpick Art Goes Far Behind Merely Miniature

These amazingly detailed replicas of architecture like the Eiffel Tower, the Burj Khalifa and the Golden Gate Bridge were created using just a single toothpick.

Giant-Sized Stabbing Scenes: Street Art at Knife Point

A pair of German artists lay on the streets of Berlin, slain by an absurdly large weapon made of cardboard, in their urban art installation 'The Knife.'

Gray Ghost: Banksy’s Arch-Nemesis or Anti-Street Artist?

The Gray Ghost haunts New Orleans with a vengeance, adding his own Dada-esque anti-art to walls everywhere, graying out graffiti with his own incidentally ...

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