Archived Articles: October, 2012

Cities on Rails: Mobile Master Plan Turns Trains into Towns

Modular thinking is brilliant and infectious, expanding and spreading from industrial-revolution technologies to three-dimensional printing to ... cities?!

Urban LEGOs: Conceptual Cure for Civic Blight Blindness

Fantasy structures made of colorful LEGO blocks call attention to disused, blighted urban spaces in a conceptual architecture project by Espai MGR in Valencia.

Wallpaper Paint Rollers: Cool & Classic Patterns, DIY Style

Wallpaper difficulties getting you down? These remarkable rollers can put patterns to paper, walls and fabrics, adding substantive decor to more than just mere ...

Home Mathematics: 12 Fractal Furniture & Architecture Designs

Repeating mathematical patterns show up in tables, LED lights, columns and large-scale architecture. Here are 12 examples of fractal-inspired design.

Grill Gas Flash: 15 Prettily Painted Propane Tanks

Propane tanks have found a place in urban, suburban and rural settings with some owners choosing to beautify them so they'll fit in even better.

Rain Forest Retreat: Remote Jungle Tree-House Hotel

Near the Pacific coast in beautiful Costa Rica, an adventure-loving community of permanent residents and temporary visitors inhabits the jungle.

Flame On! 19 Fire Hydrants You’ll Want To Use

Fire hydrants are considered, at most, a sidewalk hog. Urban artists have decided to give this urban landmark a confidence boost by painting them decoratively.

Math + Paper Craft: Computer Scientist Creates 3D Origami

Computer scientist Jun Mitani designs software that generates mathematical designs for complex three-dimensional origami crafted from a single sheet of paper.

Quintessential Conversion: The Ultimate Warehouse Loft

A warehouse space in a historic Neo-Gothic building in Melbourne is transformed into a beautiful modern apartment with brick walls, archways and high ceilings.

Street-Chic Boutique: Stunning Half-Graffitied Hotel Room

Dubbed "The Panic Room" this daring dwelling space is more designed to make you panic than as a place to flee during a (real or panic) attack.

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