Beyond Sofa Beds: 7 Creative New Kinds of Sleeper Couch
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When you want to have a place for house guests to sleep but don’t have a spare room in which to put them, a sofa bed can be a lifesaver. This original piece of transforming furniture has often been mocked as uncomfortable, ugly, and inconvenient. But today, a new generation of sleeper sofas is turning that perception upside down with style and surprising functionality.

(images via: Bonbon)

The DOC sofa bed from UK company Bonbon is an elegant solution to the small-space conundrum. By day it’s a regular-looking (and rather stylishly modern) sofa, but by night – or just when your old college roommates are visiting – it transforms into a bunk bed with room for two. As the video above demonstrates, the action to take the DOC from sofa to bunk bed is surprisingly simple.

(images via: Dornob)

Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi might just be onto something with their push-button convertible sofa. Rather than moving cushions, pulling hard on a reluctant mattress and trying desperately to smooth everything into place, this sofa lets you extend a single finger to take it from couch to bed. The drawbacks, of course, include having to keep it near an electrical outlet and the potential for inconvenient breakdowns – but it might be worth it to never have to deal with a standard sleeper sofa again.

(images via: Bonbon)

Not all sofa beds are alike, as evidenced by the Adam horizontal wall bed unit from Bonbon. Designed to fit into an office or den setting, the actual bed pulls down from the wall to cover the sofa. The clever setup is a bit different than the typical convertible sofa, but the Murphy bed-type solution still allows for a multi-functional space.

(images via: Bonbon)

Likewise, the Altea Relax creates a room that can be made for socializing or for sleeping – all using a minimal amount of floor space. The Altea Relax incorporates a wall storage unit along with a pull-down bed, and the lower sofa segment also features a handy storage space under its surface.

(images via: de Sede)

While not exactly a sofa that transforms into a bed, the DS-1164 from Swiss furniture maker de Sede is both a sofa and a bed. The elegant piece of furniture features “bed heads” which can be moved around into any configuration to create a comfy lounging or sleeping spot, no matter what time of day it is. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get out of bed in the morning already.

(images via: Dornob)

This modular convertible sofa from Dutch designers Zuiver is a fun departure from the usual bed-or-sofa binary design. It allows each individual segment to be moved up or down as desired, creating entirely new pieces of furniture every time. When entirely unfolded, the sofa could easily be used as a comfy temporary bed.

(images via: GrĂ¼ne Erde)

The stylish Stefano sofa bed completely redefines the functionality of a sofa bed, lending a superbly unique form factor to the classic piece of furniture. Rather than a sofa out of which a bed is pulled, the Stefano is a folding piece of soft foam that takes the form of a sofa when folded and a bed when unfolded. With no moving parts, the Stefano is simple enough for anyone to operate.

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