Archived Articles: December, 2012

Ad-Free Advertising: A Void Billboard of Nothingness

An odd metal billboard on the border between the United States and Canada advertises nothing but empty air, drawing the viewer's eye to the landscape.

Branch Out: 20 Organic Tree Houses Are Naturally Amazing

Woven huts made of living saplings, artistic hotel rooms resembling bird nests are among these stunning organic structures built from, in, and onto entire ...

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Beautiful Suspended Bridge Hangs from Helium Balloons

Neither this installation artist nor his work are full of hot air - this is no optical illusion or structural trick, but an actual bring hanging in mid-air.

In The Doghouse Again: 13 Odd Animal-Shaped Buildings

Animal House reboot anyone? This unlucky group of 13 zoomorphic buildings make being sent to the doghouse (cathouse, etc.) a decidedly different experience.

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Clear Sailing: Cleverly Transparent Canoes & Kayaks

These clear canoes and transparent kayaks give water travelers a whole new perspective on the hidden underwater world beneath them.

13 DIY Pallet Projects To Load Your House With Charm

Pallets have become all the rage as the DIY crafting movement began utilizing pallets as the building blocks for creative weekend projects.

Ultimate Wooden House Made of Jenga-Like Stacked Beams

Massive rectilinear wooden beams were stacked in random configurations to create a Jenga-like structure full of jutting platforms and hidden nooks.

Sunken Memorial Garden Sliced into Submerged Cruise Ship

What if submerged sea vessels could serve some function still visible on the surface of the water, like a memorial to those lost when the ship sunk?

More Real Than Reality: 7 Artsy Augmented Reality Projects

Technology is taking over nearly every part of our lives, not that we're complaining. These augmented reality projects add another layer to the everyday world.

21 Retro Travel Posters Feature Fantasy & Sci-Fi Destinations

Created to look like vintage travel posters from Star Wars, Doctor Who and more, these faux advertisements give a new spin to science-fictional and other ...

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