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Google Maps-Inspired Birdhouse Guides Birds Home

Just as the Google Maps icon shows us where our destination can be found, it leads birds to their homes in a playful birdhouse design by Shuchun Hsiao.

City Camouflage: Ugly Public Buildings in Disguise

Scruffy 1970s public buildings like electricity substations virtually disappear into their environments when covered with photo prints and pixelated mosaics.

Incredible Shrinking Building: Top-Down Demolition in Style

A remarkably subtle and deferential structure-destroying process with many levels of conscientious thought behind it (not to mention a brilliant visual effect).

Crafty Modernist Birdhouses Sing Mid-Century Melodies

Modern architecture is the height of contemporary living - so why are we still putting out dowdy old birdhouses for our feathered neighbors?

Prototype to Reality: Super Space-Saving Bedroom Set

The Matroshka all-in-one, space-saving furniture set starts out as a compact cube and unpacks into an entire room of furniture, including a bed and dining ...

Rein-Vend: 7 Converted, New & Reverse Vending Machines

Some now-vintage models dispense art or books - other new machines can vend hot food, let you swap for new stuff, or work in reverse, giving you cash for goods.

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Tagtool iPad App Lets You Paint Your City with Light

The entire city is your canvas with the Tagtool light painting iPad app, which lets you team up with friends and project your art and animations onto buildings.

Futuristic Fashion: 35 Out-of-this-World Designer Looks

Perhaps in the future, we'll all wear spiky metallic caps, transparent plastic exoskeletons, transforming animatronic outfits and dresses that dispense smoke.

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Mirrored Street Facade Art Turns Pedestrians into Acrobats

At first: vertigo. You are moving along the sidewalk, when suddenly you see the front of a structure, only on its side, extruded from the ground below you.

Trouble Brewing: 12 De-alcoholized Abandoned Breweries

These dozen decrepit, decommissioned and de-alcoholized breweries are the drunk dry victims of changing times, changing tastes and changing fortunes.

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