Archived Articles: April, 2013

Symbiotic Design: Life-Saving Meds Hide in Spare Space

It is a strange (but vital) fact that Coca Cola is so widely distributed it is easier to obtain in some parts of the developing world than clean water.

In The Fold: 10 Futuristic Folding + Flexible Computer Ideas

The shapes of computers have changed drastically in the past decade, but the evolution isn't done yet - keep an eye out for these radical folding designs.

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Buildings That Don’t Exist: Fake Facades Hide Infrastructure

Is there something strange about the exterior of that building? This Paris facade and others like it around the world are actually hiding ugly infrastructure.

Private Playgrounds: 13 Amazingly Fun Houses

Fun and unexpected features like slides, pirate ship forts, indoor skate parks, tree houses and trap doors turn these 13 homes into private playgrounds.

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Fill in the Blanks: Illustrated Sky Spaces Between Buildings

Street art uses roads, sidewalks, walls and infrastructure as canvasses, but one of the brightest and blankest slates of all may be the spaces in between.

Child’s Place: 10 Eerie Abandoned Orphanages

These 10 eerie abandoned orphanages were once repositories for unwanted, illegitimate and unsupportable children from a fast-fading, socially unenlightened age.

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Brand Re-Versioning: Trading Logos with the Competition

Our brains recognize brands before we even get to the text ... but what happens when that second of the process yields the reverse of what we expect?

The Wilds of Panama City: New Street Art Animals by ROA

Street artist ROA brings bold black-and-white animals measuring three stories in height to the gritty streets of Panama City in a new series of work.

Origami Kayak: Packs Flat, Folds Up to Form its Own Case

Portaging in the wild is one thing, but try walking your canoe or kayak down the street and you may smack some unsuspecting pedestrian in the head.

World’s Most Powerful Man-Made Tornado in a Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany hosts quite a spectacle when it demonstrates the awe-inspiring power of its tornado fire safety system.

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