Archived Articles: May, 2013

Thinker Thing: 3D-Printed Object Made Using Brain Waves

A headset that detects brain patterns analyzes responses to visual stimuli and sends them to a 3D printer to create sculptural objects.

Binder Clip Handbag: Office Product-Inspired Tote Purse

It is a familiar trope these days, but fun nonetheless: take a common object, tweak the scale and transform the materials, and you get a new play on memory.

Botel: Floating Hotel with Modular Detachable Room Boats

Instead of static spaces, the unique sleeping areas in this hotel are dynamic vehicles you can use to depart the core structure in which you are staying.

Abandoned Philadelphia: The Divine Lorraine Hotel

One of Philadelphia's most beautiful and historically significant buildings has severely deteriorated in just over a decade of abandonment, leaving it in ruins.

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Painted People: 31 Works of Art on Human Canvas

Human bodies are transformed into three-dimensional living canvases, becoming cars and exotic animals, or disappearing into intricate backdrops.

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Musical Urban Design: Rube Goldberg-Style Rain Drains

An interactive and artistic facade features the process of rain drainage prominently instead of hiding it, turning the flow of liquid into music for passers by.

Edge Cases: 8 Space-Saving Design Ideas for Inside Corners

Most home furnishings are made for flat surfaces, not for those uncomfortable edge conditions we call either 'inside' or 'outside' corners. But not these!

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SoundTank: Mobile Sound System or Armored Vehicle?

The SoundTank is an imposing sound system with a speaker-covered, faceted hydraulic lid capable of pushing out 4,000 watts.

21st Century Cookout: 16 Modern Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

If you're tired of the ugly gas grill taking up space in your backyard, dreaming of a luxurious outdoor kitchen, or just wishing for a more portable BBQ ...

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Woodskin: Flexible Hybrid Material Makes Wood Modular

In essence, it has the look and feel of wood, but the flexibility of fabric, all rolled into one durable composite mesh both solid and modular at the same time.

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