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Paper City Animation: “Rise & Fold” of a Fragile Metropolis

Unfolding like a pop-up book in real time, this incredible little built landscape of buildings and bridges, trees and mountains, lampposts and benches rises ...

Ziggurat Hat: Deconstructing The DEVO Energy Dome

Designed by New Wave band DEVO and worn in concert for 30+ years, the geeky DEVO Energy Dome has emerged as a key touchstone of late 20th century pop culture.

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Street Mural Turns Into an Animation as People Drive By

Remember making hand-held flipbooks when you were a kid? Those cute little books that made primitive cartoons when you flipped through the pages quickly could ...

Captive Imagination: Terrifying DIY Prison Tattoo Machines

While visiting a prison in Mexico City to ink inmates, tattoo artist Scott Campbell had to use the same tools the prisoners do to make his own tattoo machines.

Social Signage: Digital Street Sign Gives Dynamic Directions

This evolved version of a familiar and classic form of all-points signage replaces static locations and fixed directions with interactive ones available to ...

LEGO House: Experience Center Made of Interlocking Blocks

Fans wanting to fully experience the land of LEGO will be able to visit this huge hometown headquarters being build up like a giant stack of LEGO bricks.

Accidental Art: Apple Maps Glitches Create Surreal Scenes

The notoriously unreliable Apple Maps app may not get you where you want to go, but its many glitches have produced a fascinating gallery of surreal images.

Chindogu: 14 Hilarious and Strange Japanese Inventions

Chindogu is the Japanese art of creating essentially useless inventions that could be used to solve basic everyday problems, but do so in a ridiculous way.

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Insanely Ingenious: Longboard Stroller for Daredevil Parents

Insane, ingenious, or both, this design combines an alternative way to commute with your kids, assuming you can get past the skateboarding aspect and feel safe.

Little & Local: Staircase Cinema & Sidewalk Library Projects

Public art used to be synonymous with huge and impersonal and location-agnostic sculptures made of metal and marble. Countering that traditional trend ...

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