Leisure Dives: Planking Meets Parkour & Midair Photography
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leisure dive suit drink

Parkour and free-running are fine for athletic types, while planking and the lying-down game are great for lazies, but suspended somewhere in between we find the leisure dive.

leisure dives with cocktails

Blending the action-packed art of diving and cavalier nonchalance of sipping a cocktail, the actual site (Leisure Dive) started as a Facebook phenomena with a few pictures and spiraled out of control from there.

leisure dive newspaper jump

Variants include: hopping off a bike in mid-jump, or holding something other than a drink. Other details aside, though, appearance is critical – the less you look like someone prepared to splash into a pool (or other body of water, or hard-packed dirt) a few moments after your photograph is snapped, the more convincing the effect.

leisure dives various photos

For those wishing to get in on the game, the instructions are as follows: (1) Grab some friends, a decent camera, and head somewhere chill near a body of water. A swimming pool works. A lake will do. A river? You crazy. (2) Put on a bathing suit. Or a linen suit. Or a koala suit. Anything leisurely. (3) Grab something that says you are just a chilled out individual. A piña colada. A pitching wedge. A harpsichord. Whatever. We all unwind differently. (4) Find a nice perch from which to jump. Make sure you have a leisurely backdrop and a safe landing. (5)Now jump in, and embrace the leisure. Tip your glass. Pop your elbow. And most importantly, look at the camera with a face that says, “Does this suit make me look awesome?” The answer is yes. And, SNAP.

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