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Marc brings fresh perspective from the Triangle Area of North Carolina. When he's not walking on the train tracks and admiring the local graffiti, he spends his days reviewing iPad apps for kids over at iPad Kids!

Church Bells To Doorbells: 8 Churches Turned Into Homes

When churches grow old, they can be purchased, and renovated into amazing houses that uniquely introduce religious elements into a pedestrian environment.

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These Aren’t Photos: 28 Examples of Hyper Realistic Art

The dissonance between looking at something that must be a photograph, and realizing it was actually created by hand, makes Hyper Realistic art jaw-dropping.

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Annemarie Busschers: 11 Clearer Than Life Portraits

Annemarie Busschers is an artist from the Netherlands who creates portraits that beautifully captures the raw emotion of her subjects, often photorealistically.

6 Popcorn-Spilling, Oscar-Worthy Themed Home Theaters

Theme parks are designed like movie sets, and it feels like one has stepped into a different world. Wouldn't it be great if that feeling could be brought home?

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13 DIY Pallet Projects To Load Your House With Charm

Pallets have become all the rage as the DIY crafting movement began utilizing pallets as the building blocks for creative weekend projects.

Bunyan’s Pride: 19 Log Cabins That Stack Above The Rest

The typical rectangular cabin plopped in the middle of the woods is no longer the standard. Homeowners are becoming increasingly creative with rustic design.

Go Big or Home: Living Small in 11 Tiny Houses with Style

Tiny houses are growing in popularity because of increasing environmental consciousness and a desire to reject unnecessary material goods.

For The Love Of Santa! 22 Crazy Christmas Decorations

After several decades living in the same house, some people build up quite a collection of Christmas decorations... and it gets awesomely out of control.

Season’s Graffitis! 16 Santalicious Christmas Murals

Thanksgiving just concluded, and everyone's eyes are already looking forward to the Christmas season. These holiday murals are a Christmas tease.

22 Imaginative Flyby Concept Aircraft From Days Gone By

As the power of flight became commonplace, the vision of futuristic flight remained. Concepts for gigantic blimps, personal aircraft, and everything in between.

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