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Striving to be a full-time frugal-living digital nomad, Mike is a certified geek with a background in archeology and has an uncanny nose for finding dazzling designs of all kinds around general themes like gaming and specific subjects ranging from common household furniture such as chairs, tables, beds to crazy coat racks, clocks, lights, showers, radiators and toilets. Who ever thought home furnishings could be sso cool?

Gray-Sky Thinking: 15 Uniquely Modern Umbrella Designs

From the best in pugilistic umbrella-mayhem to the sweetest way to woo a loved one, these 15 examples are guaranteed to chase the clouds away.

Future Sounds Like This: 10 Odd Modern Musical Instruments

Ten gorgeously weird and entirely unexpected ways to woo us with music, courtesy of the latest technologies.

Sweet Vessels: 7 Wonders Of The Modern Shipping World

Here are 7 wondrous examples of epic modern ship design, all demonstrating that when it comes to innovation, technology and breadth of ambition, the best ...

Enthused and Infused: 19 New Directions For Teapot Design

Think you could recognize a teapot when you saw it? Check out these 19 examples before you answer - because strange things are brewing in the world of teapot ...

Den of Daydreams: 8 Fantastical Make-Believe Makeovers

Bridge of the Enterprise? Super Mario in the bedroom? Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach? Here are 8 examples of homes that won't settle for anything less than a ...

Tilt & Whirl: 13 (More!) Amazing Buildings In Motion

Have a look at these 13 more examples of buildings in motion, whether by illusory trickery or natty mechanics, and ask yourself - are we ready for urban life ...

Starting at the End: 12 New Cities Built From Scratch

Cities take centuries to evolve - or do they? Here are 12 urban centres that offer a radical alternative to tradition - they are cities from the first day they ...

Alarming Clock Technology: 18 Weird New Ways to Wake Up

Are you the owner of a digital waking assistant? Modern designers are working hard to find the perfect alarm clock for you, as these 18 examples show.

Don’t Look Down: 10 Peculiarly Precarious Modern Buildings

Thanks to modern building materials and behind-the-scenes architectural wizardry, the new field of precarious-looking urban architecture is on the rise - as ...

Skill Transfer: 12 Video Games That Help You Get A Life

Gaming has always struggled with a reputation for stunting our growth, so here is the oter side of the coin: 8 games that might make you a better human being.

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