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An outstanding researcher and clever writer who has been with WebUrbanist for over five years, Steve has brings a twist of creative humor into the mix with articles covering geek cake designs and brilliant book artists, extreme house boat designs and real-life nanotechnology applications, dramatic guerrilla marketing campaigns and steampunk art and fashion. Steve can also be found writing away about insane news and inventions of Japan over at InventorSpot.

Shunned Shine State: 10 More Abandoned Wonders Of Florida

Florida may be America's Sunshine State but these odd abandoned wonders reveal a darker side to the land of oranges, alligators and retirement communities.

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Fruitless: 10 Abandoned Roadside Fruit & Produce Stands

Once vital threads in the fabric of Americana, these abandoned fruit & produce stands no longer entice hungry travelers into making roadside pit stops.

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Pinned Down: 10 More Abandoned Bowling Alleys

Abandoned bowling alleys lie scattered across the landscape as if the gods of recreational sports had laid 'em low with a single thunderous strike.

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Talking Points: 12 Odd Japanese Safety & Traffic Cones

Plastic safety cones have become so ubiquitous along Japan's roadways, unusual measures have been taken to ensure they stand out amongst the crowd.

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Impactful: 12 Creative Works of Crash Test Dummy Art

That's gotta Hertz! These dozen examples of crash test dummy art & graffiti display a curious reverence for our impactful anthropomorphic analogs.

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Roadside Renaissance: Art Of The Painted Desert Project

Conceived by photographer/activist Chip Thomas, The Painted Desert Project connects urban street artists with communities in the southwest's Navajo Nation.

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H2O Yeah! The Water Tank Project Makes NYC Cooler

Like rainwater flowing from rooftops to roads, The Water Tank Project seeks to artistically enhance New York City's gritty skyline from the top down.

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Outside The Blocks: 12 Coldly Abandoned Ice Factories

Ice ain't all it's cracked up to be and neither are these obsolete & abandoned factories that once made it, as these 12 examples coldly show.

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Out Cold: 12 Closed & Abandoned Dairy Queen Stores

Chill out, soft-serve ice cream fans, these 12 abandoned Dairy Queen stores aren't typical of the 75-year-old chain's 4,000+ locations worldwide.

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Takeout Shakeout: 10 Abandoned Chinese Food Restaurants

What's on the menu at these abandoned chinese restaurants? Stereotypical architecture and signs displaying near-racist “oriental” fonts, for starters.

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