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Love it or hate it, work is what we do during the day most of the days of the week, but it sure is nicer working in something like one of these stunning offices, stores, hotels, restaurants and bars from around the world. From cozy artist alcoves to lofty open offices, here are some of the most amazing places you could hope to get the job done.

Blow-Up Buildings: 17 Inflatable Works of Mobile Architecture

Temporary - sometimes even transient - these 17 blow-up structures create enclosed event space where there was none, in public squares and gritty city corners.

Disorienting Pop-Up Shop Multiplies with Mirrors & Lights

This Polish pop-up shop gives you an Alice in Wonderland experience with mirrors and LED lights that multiply the interior, making it seem to go on forever.

Reel Cold Comfort: 10 Creative Ice Fishing Hut Designs

Need a hut that really kicks butt? These 10 odd ice fishing shelters add a little (sometimes a lot) of creativity to the oft-monotonous sport of ice fishing.

Pie in the Sky? Not in Dubai! 8 Mind-Blowing Projects

Lavish wealth and a willing-to-do-anything attitude has brought fame to Dubai. With these awesome projects in the works, Dubai's fame is well-deserved.

Open Wide: 10 Jaw-Dropping Dental Office Concepts

Can't handle the tooth? These 10 jaw-droppingly innovative dental office design concepts help put patients at ease when it's time for the big freeze.

Crafty to Crazy: 13 Contemporary Cafes & Coffee Shops

Stop in to any of these 13 design-oriented cafes around the world and you might just forget about food and beverages altogether, wowed by the interior decor.

Organic Glamour? Chic Restaurant Design Gone Wild

A hip nightclub in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood draws inspiration from the wild and quirky fashions seen in the streets as well as from organic forms in ...

Crystal Castles: 15 Glittering Glass Buildings

These 15 buildings use glass in dazzling and unusual ways, from jagged faceted facades and open offices to homes that consist of transparent glass cubes.

Inspiring Spires: A Celebration Of The Kuwait Towers

Join us as we celebrate Kuwait's most famous architectural monuments, the Kuwait Towers, on the 50th anniversary of the oil-producing nation's independence.

Alphabet Building Spells Out New Approach to Creative Offices

An old port in Amsterdam will be transformed into the Alphabet Building, an unusual collection of offices for creative companies with letter-shaped windows.

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