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Love it or hate it, work is what we do during the day most of the days of the week, but it sure is nicer working in something like one of these stunning offices, stores, hotels, restaurants and bars from around the world. From cozy artist alcoves to lofty open offices, here are some of the most amazing places you could hope to get the job done.

Urban Suburbs: 4 McMansions Atop Chinese Shopping Mall

It sounds like a hoax at best, an architectural student thesis gone wrong at worst: a series of conventional-looking, a-frame abodes atop a gigantic mega-block ...

19 Crazy Offices That Think Outside The Cubicle

Reader beware! These offices will make anyone jealous. Break down your cubicle walls and flee to one of these creative businesses - you won't regret it!

Cool Beans: The World’s Most Startling Starbucks Stores

These 10 unique international Starbucks outlets manage to support brand identity, cater to local cultures and jolt the senses like a triple-shot Venti espresso.

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Boutique Comic Shop Panel-Style Displays Pop Off the Page

Comics have come a long ways since the early days of Marvel and Detective Comics, but one thing remains remarkably the same: the basic prototype format for ...

Volumes of Vertigo: Crazy Sideways-Library-Shaped Cafe

You might feel a little dizzy when you walk into this Manhattan cafe, designed to look like a library that has been tipped on its side.

Modular Madness: 23 Diverse Deployments of Cargo Containers

Shipping containers are low-cost, stackable building blocks ideal for incorporating into all kinds of architecture including homes, stores and restaurants.

Vertical Strip Tease: Upside-Down Las Vegas Skyscraper

Vegas is a strange and sometimes-seedy speck of civilization with virtually nothing nearby of note ... save perhaps the massive Hoover Dam and its associated ...

The Candy Room: A Store Delicious Enough to Eat

The bright packaging of sweet treats stands out in this eye-catching, hand-drawn, black-and-white candy store in Melbourne by RED Design Group.

Fabled Forest Retreat: Twisted Tea Tree House

Tucked behind an architecture office in Shanghai, this serene building offers books, tea and nature to calm visitors and effortlessly melt stress away.

Floating Cinema Deserves a Standing (or Swaying) Ovation

A temporary floating cinema nestled in a sparkling blue Thailand lagoon for a festival provides perhaps the most scenic movie-watching experience of all time.

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