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Love it or hate it, work is what we do during the day most of the days of the week, but it sure is nicer working in something like one of these stunning offices, stores, hotels, restaurants and bars from around the world. From cozy artist alcoves to lofty open offices, here are some of the most amazing places you could hope to get the job done.

Ground, Up! Curved Green Sky Gardens Wrap Tower Hotel

The best of both worlds: guests at this hotel get to enjoy skyscraper-high views and still experience layers of intensive greenery on virtually all levels.

Modular Bright Idea: Colorful São Paulo Sidewalk Tea Shop

A blend of fun, flexible, efficient and honest, The Gourmet Tea shop's modular design in Brazil's biggest city is both regional and universal.

Twin Tree-Covered Towers: The World’s First Vertical Forests

Concept designs from far-fetched futurists have toyed with the idea for years, but one firm has finally made the vision a reality: towers extensively populated ...

Waste Not: 1890s Urinal Turned into a Sandwich Shop

A Victorian-era underground restroom that had been abandoned since the 1960s has been renovated into a restaurant, with cafe seating in the former urinals.

High Seas Venture: SF Tech Incubator in International Waters

Imagine heading out from San Francisco to a bustling technology hub closer than Silicon Valley ... yet an entire country away in a place that requires no work ...

Pirate Island Radio Station Invaded, Dismantled & Rebuilt

Few works of architecture can boast half so strange a history as this remarkable rebuilt structure now serving as a restaurant in the waters of Amsterdam.

Abandoned Cement Factory & Silos Transformed into Offices

An abandoned factory complex in Spain has been transformed into a massive office for an architecture firm, leaving much of the old machinery intact.

Windows Zero: 9 Telecom Infrastructure Buildings

They may not have windows, workers or office space yet blankly mysterious telecom infrastructure buildings are an essential part of the urban megalopolis.

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Inventionland Offices: From Tree Houses to Race Tracks

The offices of Inventionland, a prolific design factory in Pittsburg, is an amazingly inspirational space, with pirate ships, race tracks and tree houses.

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Pirated Architecture: Chinese Copies of Famous Buildings

First it was a small town in Austria, copied in exacting detail and replicated in China. Now: a complex by a famous architect that may be done before the ...

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