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Waking, sleeping, recreating, loving and living, we spend so much time at home it seems a shame not to make your place of residence both functional and radical - the dwelling designs featured here will shock, amaze, intrigue and inspire you to rethink your housing situation and improve the spaces you inhabit.

Don’t Throw Stones: Modern Glass House is Super Sharp

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or forget that they’re literally living in a fishbowl, if they have any modesty at all. ...

Trashed Resort: Japan’s Abandoned New Muroto Sky Rest

Vacation not “vacant” enough? Abandoned in 1978, Japan's New Muroto Sky Rest resort is apparently patronized only by zombies or those hiding from them.

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Casa Cargo: Containers Frame Photographer’s Sustainable Home

Shaping both living spaces and modular work studios, a set of shipping containers were combined with a series of green building strategies to make this a place ...

Form Follows Footprint: Forest Retreat Just Fits Local Codes

A creative response to a new legal loophole, this structure is designed specifically to test the limits of a Swedish planning law allowing buildings under a ...

Holdout Houses: 10 Stubborn Structures That Won’t Make Way

Despite the emergence of highways, shopping malls, frighteningly deep pits and even moats around them, the tenacious owners of these older structures refused ...

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Fictional Bridges from Euro Banknotes Now Built in Real Life

In a strange case of fact following fiction, a Dutch designer was inspired to create physical versions of faux-historical bridges first drawn on European ...

Parasitic City: Micro-Metropolis Attaches Itself to a Bridge

As the economic divide grows and affordable land becomes more scarce, local residents could re-take outlying spaces and even iconic local structures with ...

Meltdown: 12 Dripped, Dropped & Abandoned Ice Cream Trucks

If ice cream trucks are rolling symbols of childhood happiness, abandoned ice cream trucks are sadder than a dropped double-scoop cone on a hot summer day.

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From the Dead: Businessman Resurrecting Canadian Ghost Town

Built in the late 1970s, this mining village housed 1,200 people at its peak and was left effectively intact for over twenty years before being sold as a ...

Architectural Gems: 13 Blinged-Out Buildings Cut Like Stones

Architects hoping their creations will be described as ‘gems’ could take the literal route and design faceted structures that call to mind ...

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