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Love it or hate it, work is what we do during the day most of the days of the week, but it sure is nicer working in something like one of these stunning offices, stores, hotels, restaurants and bars from around the world. From cozy artist alcoves to lofty open offices, here are some of the most amazing places you could hope to get the job done.

Inner City Visions: 12 Eye-Opening Urban Eye Charts

Have no illusions, these awesome urban optical eye charts test not only your vision but the varied ways in which we visualize the world around us.

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Like a Ninja: Tokyo Apartment is Only for the Nimble

A tiny 750 square foot apartment is definitely not a lot of space for two people, but this couple was lucky enough to find an exceptionally creative architect. ...

Great Crates: 10 Beautiful Shipping Container Conversions

Incredibly strong, durable, lightweight and affordable, shipping containers are integrated into into all sorts of architectural projects, whether they’re ...

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Growing Up: NYC Rooftop Farm Supports 1,200,000 Pounds of Soil

Brooklyn Grange is behind the two largest rooftop soil farms in the world, together growing 50,000 pounds of organic produce per year from 108,000 combined ...

No Perking: 15 Drained Dry Abandoned Coffee Shops

These 15 drained, disused & abandoned coffee shops recall a kinder, gentler, perkier time before Starbucks rebrewed the latte lover's landscape.

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Modernized Monument: Crumbling Medieval Tower Turned Library

Matte black steel and timber-clad stacked volumes fill in empty spaces throughout the medieval Torre del Borgo in northern Italy, a recent renovation ...

Relentless Residents: 10 More Households That Refuse to Move

When real estate developers come knocking, it seems that the majority of homeowners are willing to move out for the right price – but then there are some ...

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Mobile, Modern & Modular: 15 Capsules for Off-Grid Living

Why stay tethered to the grid in a fixed location when you could live in a compact mobile pod that can be transported to the location of your choice? These ...

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Converted Cockpit: Cockfighting Arena Turned into Sunken Garden

Traditionally legal in Peru, many citizens nonetheless find cockfights a morbid and gruesome affair and are thus celebrating the transformation of this sunken ...

Done Deals, New & Used: 12 (More) Abandoned Car Dealerships

From low low prices to low low sales: at these abandoned new & used car dealerships, showroom traffic's been reduced to a permanent state of gridlock.

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