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Civic structures shape cities - the best examples of institutional architecture stand out from the crowd and declare themselves as objects rather than infill. From sensational schools, colleges and universities to magnificent museums, theaters and opera halls, here are some buildings well worth viewing (and visiting should you ever find yourself in the relevant city!).

Cracked-Earth Desert Canopy Shelters Underground Oasis

Splitting at the seams like sections of sun-baked desert, this expansive park opens to the sky between a network of gaps and provides shade for people and ...

Jenga-Like Hotel Made of Stacked Shipping Containers

Shipping containers plastered in stark graphic branding are stacked in a Jenga-like configuration within a steel frame at the Hive-Inn, a concept hotel by OVA ...

No Lot Too Challenging: 13 Ingenious Odd-Shaped Houses

The lot purchased by a homeowner might be seemingly impossible – clinging to a sheer cliff, squeezing into tight spaces, or consisting of an odd ...

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Brushed Off: 12 Dried Out & Abandoned Car Washes

Hold the hot wax and spare the soap, these abandoned car washes have blow-dried their last vehicle and will no longer thank you for coming again.

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Rad Rides: Nuclear Power Plant Turned into Amusement Park

The iconic central cooling tower has been turned into a swing ride and climbing wall, but the re-purposed complex as a whole features over a dozen attractions ...

Mountain-Shaped Residences with Walkable Green Rooftops

Beyond any inherent beauty or formal references to surrounding mountains, there is a more profound proposition in this series of structures about the way we ...

No Más: 15 Closed, Abandoned & Vacant Taco Bells

Don't make a run for the border, most of Taco Bell's 6,500 fast food restaurants are in the USA... not counting those that have been abandoned.

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Modular Retrofit: Bamboo Micro-Homes in Deserted Factories

A pragmatic twist on visionary plug-and-play architecture, this project combines a cheap and fast-growing material with existing (abandoned) infrastructure to ...

Camera-Shaped Cafe Offers Picture-Perfect Cups of Coffee

A giant two-story camera rises from the grass beside an ordinary suburban home in the hills of South Korea. The Dreamy Camera Cafe is housed in a re-creation ...

Spite Houses: 12 Structures Built Just to Annoy People

These houses, apartment buildings and commercial structures weren’t built as they are because the owners really loved the view or particularly wanted a ...

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