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You may not be able to move, but you can do a lot to the place you live - from the basics of appliances and light fixtures to materials and surface finishes, single objects to entire spaces, here are some of the most stellar examples of outstanding interior design you can find online.

5 Room-in-a-Box Designs Form 100% Modular Home Interior

For the minimalist space-saving fanatic, this collection may be the ultimate all-in-one solution - a set of five boxes, one for each essential home space.

Crafty Modernist Birdhouses Sing Mid-Century Melodies

Modern architecture is the height of contemporary living - so why are we still putting out dowdy old birdhouses for our feathered neighbors?

Secret Spirals: Underground Home Wine Cellar Spaces

Even if you're not that into wine, seeing these photos of spiral wine cellars with futuristic-looking trap doors will make you want to start a collection.

Urban Green: 8 Ingenious Small-Space Window Garden Ideas

There are box and kit solutions, sure, but these creative alternatives preserve your views and limited sill space while providing green growth and unique ...

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Hidden Beauty: Savvy Secret Room & Passageway Engineers

You'd never guess that behind these ordinary-looking bookcases, wine racks and wardrobes are entirely undetectable hidden rooms and passageways.

6 Popcorn-Spilling, Oscar-Worthy Themed Home Theaters

Theme parks are designed like movie sets, and it feels like one has stepped into a different world. Wouldn't it be great if that feeling could be brought home?

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Live in a Bubble with the Cocoon 1 Room Pod

The transparent Cocoon 1 from Micasa Lab is a room within a room, containing a comfortable getaway space that is separate from a still-visible world.

Grey Gold: Shower + Clothes Washer = Wise Water Recycling

This clever conceptual contraption pairs a shower with a washing machine to perform two essential household tasks with just one volume of water.

Storage Tubs for Bathrooms with Precious Little Space

No room in your bathroom for those essential items? These clever bathtub storage solutions give you more space in a most unexpected place.

Interior Aerial Photos: Room Portraits Show Personal Stories

Day in and day out we see the same rooms in the same ways. But what if you could get a unique new view on your home, office, school or favorite coffee shop ... ...

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