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Love logos? Drool over graphic design? These articles are for you, covering everything from creative layouts (both web and print) to double-meaning logo designs and artistic illustrations.

Con Jobs: 10 Outrageous Apple Brand Ripoffs

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then a host of eager entrepreneurs REALLY admire Apple Inc. and its visionary founder/CEO, the late Steve Jobs.

Secrets of Self-Publishing: Exclusive Interview with Cyer Law

A 500-page novel all the way through from concept to execution, including print copies and multiple ebook formats with creative custom illustrations throughout.

Doctored Designs: 6 Minimalist Mental Disorder Posters

Could you describe obsessive compulsive disorder in a simple picture? Not many people could, but graphic designer Patrick Smith does it with grace.

25 Leap Day Posters to Make You Jump for Joy!

What's a Leap Year without a Leap Day? Let's celebrate this quirky quadrennial event by displaying a quarter of a hundred cool & creative Leap Day posters!

Write Black but Go Green: Save Pens Using Garamond Font

Artist Matt Robinson demonstrates that choosing one typeface over another might just save a significant amount of ink, with Garamond coming out on top.

Re-Faced: 24 Poke-Worthy Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook's new Timeline caused a landslide of creativity, as all the artsy types and tech-inclined began to push this new playground to its creative limits.

17 Creative Letterheads from Celebs & Public Figures

Peek into the desks of celebrities and public figures like Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen, Groucho Marx and Charles Manson to get a look at their unique letterhead.

Movie Poster Minimalism: 41 Stripped-Down Examples

Modern society is built on a "more, more, more!" mentality that has leaked into movie marketing. Minimalist posters take a more bare bones approach.

Artistic Dollar Redesign is Beautiful, Simple & Practical

Artist Dowling Duncan redesigns America's paper money, giving each note a different length & color and assigning meaningful imagery that relates to its value.

13 Modern Minimalist Movie Posters by Matt Owen

Graphic designer Matt Owen sums up classic films like A Clockwork Orange, Big and The Breakfast Club with minimal imagery for movie posters that really pop.

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