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Love logos? Drool over graphic design? These articles are for you, covering everything from creative layouts (both web and print) to double-meaning logo designs and artistic illustrations.

25 Leap Day Posters to Make You Jump for Joy!

What's a Leap Year without a Leap Day? Let's celebrate this quirky quadrennial event by displaying a quarter of a hundred cool & creative Leap Day posters!

Write Black but Go Green: Save Pens Using Garamond Font

Artist Matt Robinson demonstrates that choosing one typeface over another might just save a significant amount of ink, with Garamond coming out on top.

Re-Faced: 24 Poke-Worthy Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook's new Timeline caused a landslide of creativity, as all the artsy types and tech-inclined began to push this new playground to its creative limits.

17 Creative Letterheads from Celebs & Public Figures

Peek into the desks of celebrities and public figures like Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen, Groucho Marx and Charles Manson to get a look at their unique letterhead.

Movie Poster Minimalism: 41 Stripped-Down Examples

Modern society is built on a "more, more, more!" mentality that has leaked into movie marketing. Minimalist posters take a more bare bones approach.

Artistic Dollar Redesign is Beautiful, Simple & Practical

Artist Dowling Duncan redesigns America's paper money, giving each note a different length & color and assigning meaningful imagery that relates to its value.

13 Modern Minimalist Movie Posters by Matt Owen

Graphic designer Matt Owen sums up classic films like A Clockwork Orange, Big and The Breakfast Club with minimal imagery for movie posters that really pop.

Down to the Letters: Amusing Animated Helvetica Alphabet

Unusual fonts and fun typefaces are fantastic enough, but when you combine unusual typefaces with stop-motion animation you've got something really special.

Chalkboarding: Applied Art of White & Black Typography

A Brooklyn-based artist applies her outstanding typography skills to ephemeral chalkboard creations that bring to mind the lost art of intricate sign painting.

On the Way Out? 21 Flash Sites Still Standing Strong

Flash is anything but over, as these 21 entertaining, beautiful, and sometimes silly Flash-based websites prove.

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