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Whether you want to travel the world in luxury and style or take steps and streets off of the beaten bath, there is sure to be a unique, offbeat and amazing hostel, hotel or resort in this section to suit your desires. From spacious urban retreats to cozy remote treehouses:

Subterranean Quarry Hotel to Extend 328 Feet Underground

A futuristic-looking hotel set into a 328-foot-deep abandoned quarry in China is now under construction, and will offer bungee jumping and aquatic sports.

Extreme Room Service: Space Hotel is Surprisingly Spacious

Need to get away from it all? This orbiting hotel, set to be complete in 2016, will let you leave the planet for an out-of-this-world vacation.

Rain Forest Retreat: Remote Jungle Tree-House Hotel

Near the Pacific coast in beautiful Costa Rica, an adventure-loving community of permanent residents and temporary visitors inhabits the jungle.

Street-Chic Boutique: Stunning Half-Graffitied Hotel Room

Dubbed "The Panic Room" this daring dwelling space is more designed to make you panic than as a place to flee during a (real or panic) attack.

Drenched by Design: Waterfall Hotel is Strangely Cool

A beautiful hotel in Chile, nestled in the middle of a nature preserve, looks just like a mountain with a waterfall spewing from the top.

Almost Popup: 15 Pre Fab And Shipping Container Hotels

Hotels are not where one expects to see innovation, but hotels created out of pre fab materials and shipping containers are becoming more popular than ever.

Rooftop Riverboat House Unveiled: A Room for London

Perched atop the Southbank Centre, a riverboat-shaped apartment called 'A Room for London' will offer lucky guests amazing views of the Summer Olympics in 2012.

Futuristic Fantasy Hotels: 14 Wild Concept Designs & Ideas

Someday, a few of these wild and wacky hotel designs may become reality - likely in Dubai - but most of these futuristic hotel concepts will remain fantasies.

14 Strange, Stylish & Amazing Hotels of Great Britain

Gypsy wagons, lighthouses, castles and exclusive high-fashion boutique hotels - the United Kingdom has it all, from the strange to the stunning.

Spectacular Spain: 15 Standout Hotels from Madrid to Ibiza

These 15 hotels are some of the most stylish, design-oriented accommodations Spain has to offer, from the beaches of Barcelona to Rioja wine country.

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