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Whether you want to travel the world in luxury and style or take steps and streets off of the beaten bath, there is sure to be a unique, offbeat and amazing hostel, hotel or resort in this section to suit your desires. From spacious urban retreats to cozy remote treehouses:

A Room for London: Fanciful Rooftop Boat & Windmill Hotel

Visiting London in 2012? You've got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stay in a temporary boat-shaped hotel perched on the roof of the Southbank Centre.

Unique Boutique: 13 of Japan’s Most Strangely Stylish Hotels

Whether you're looking to rent a bizarrely themed room by the hour or enjoy a relaxing stay at a traditional ryokan, Japan's got an eye-popping hotel for you.

Germany’s Coolest Hotels, From Kitschy to Ultramodern

Sleep in a coffin like a vampire at Berlin's Propeller Island Hotel, a classic car at the V8 motor-themed hotel in Stuttgart or a treehouse in Görlitz.

A Room for London: Cloud-Shaped Temporary Rooftop Hotel

Floating like a cloud between the ground and the sky, this ephemeral rooftop hotel was designed to perch atop the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London in 2012.

Mod 007 to Dreamy Decoupage: 12 (More!) Artsy Hotel Rooms

Become James Bond for a night at the Hotel Seven in Paris or sleep in supermodel Linda Evangelista's bed at the Philip Treacy-designed G Hotel in Ireland.

Haute Hospitality: 20 (More) Awesomely Artsy Hotel Rooms

These 20 hotel rooms at 6 art hotels around the world are anything but ordinary, from a bloody hospital suite in South Africa to a giant typewriter in ...

Prefab Pod Hotels to Offer Tiny Travel Lodging in Spain

Lookotel plans to roll out low-cost modular 'capsule hotels' across Spain and the rest of Europe which feature larger rooms than those in Japan's pod hotels.

Arctic Vacation: Artist Suites of the Frozen Icehotel

For vacation unlike any other, a person might try a visit to a hotel built of ice and snow. There are 32 artist suites for snuggling within the ICEHOTEL.

Like a King: 15 (More!) Spectacular Castle & Palace Hotels

These 15 exquisite castle hotels offer us regular folks the chance to live like kings and queens; all it takes is a reservation and a few extra dollars.

Dive Deep: 9 Over-the-Top Luxury Private Swimming Pools

Swimming in the lap of luxury, these private pool owners have managed to buy a piece of fantasy not for sale to most of us with less than luxurious means.

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