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From food to art and history and architecture, traveling somewhere is one thing - experiencing that place is another. Skip the tourist stops and delve right into the local dive bar, kitsch cafe, modern culture, ancient ruins or other attraction to get a real sense of what it is like to live, breath, eat and sleep the history of a place.

Racing Pigeons: Garbage City Hosts World’s Oddest Pastime

In the trash-ridden outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, precariously lofted structures rise up on stilts, home to birds that, come sunset, are set loose as the strange ...

Taken by the TSA: 13 Strange Items Confiscated at Airports

If you think you can smuggle a sword cleverly concealed inside a cane, a lipstick that’s actually a taser, pigeons wrapped in newspaper or nylon bags ...

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Scattered Marbles: 10 Smashed, Bashed & Trashed Statues

As our age's great and powerful leaders rise and fall, so do the narcissistic, now Ozymandias-like statues they raised to celebrate their fleeting triumph.

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Ancient Engineering Fail: 12 Historic Structural Disasters

You can’t exactly fault ancient architects for building structures that were unable to withstand stone-shattering earthquakes, or simply experimental in ...

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Deep Roots: Underground Farm in London Air-Raid Tunnels

100 feet beneath the surface, below even the level of the London Underground, there is another layer of World War Two shelters where something amazing is ...

Live Crabs, Gold Bars & iPods: 18 Weird Vending Machines

Forget crackers and candy bars – you could be buying live lobsters, bike parts, whole heads of lettuce and even freshly baked baguettes with the push of ...

Top 40 of the Year: Essential 2013 Article List for Urbanists

As any experienced urbanist can tell you, city life is rarely dull and this year has proven no exception – from traffic-topping articles to staff-picked ...

Swirl World: 9 Cool McFlurry Flavors You Can’t Get Here

McDonald's McFlurry is the coolest thing on the menu but not all McMenus are created equal. Take these 9 cool McFlurry flavors... oops, our bad, you can't!

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Secret Speakeasy: Abandoned Water Tower Nightclub in NYC

New York has a long history of hidden and illicit venues - one that did not stop when prohibition was lifted. For instance, this now-defunct venue inside a ...

Frightening Archaeological Finds: 15 Odd Human Remains

Screaming mummies, suspected vampires, headless vikings and human bones turned into household tools are among the 15 most fascinating archaeological finds.

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