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From food to art and history and architecture, traveling somewhere is one thing - experiencing that place is another. Skip the tourist stops and delve right into the local dive bar, kitsch cafe, modern culture, ancient ruins or other attraction to get a real sense of what it is like to live, breath, eat and sleep the history of a place.

Suckers! Japan’s Ubiquitous Octopus Playground Slides

Weird anthropomorphic, gaudily painted concrete octopus slides lurk within hundreds of Japanese playgrounds, silently traumatizing generations of kids.

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The Language of Death: 15 Gravestone Symbols Explained

The symbols carved into stones commemorating the dead can reveal a lot about the deceased’s beliefs and philosophies, or at least those attributed to them by ...

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Holloway Roads: Tunnels Eroded by Passage of People Over Time

Holloways (or: hollow ways) are desire paths gone wild, reflecting centuries or even millennia of informal use, slowly transforming them from flat paths to ...

Built of Bombs: Unexploded Ordnance Turned Into Boats & Homes

A legacy of living in the most-bombed country per capita in world history, Laotian citizens have spent decades since the Vietnam War dealing with close to 100 ...

RV There Yet? Abandoned Trailers Of The Salton Sea Shore

California's Salton Sea was once a sparkling desert oasis, attracting vacationers in mobile homes and RVs. The people have gone but their trailers remain.

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Subterranean Secrets: The Mystery of Liverpool’s Tunnels

Starting in the basement of a home owned by a wealthy philanthropist in the 1700s, a network of tunnels descends into the earth beneath the city of Liverpool, ...

Car-Free Paris: French Capital Bans Motor Vehicles for 1 Day

For a single day next month, locals and visitors will be able to experience Paris without motorized traffic, giving the city over to pedestrians and bikers. ...

World’s Littlest Skyscraper Scam: Con Man Used Inches, Not Feet

Perhaps the greatest cons of all time are those that manage to hold up in court, like the case of the world’s smallest skyscraper, a building sold to ...

Life After Apocalypse: 8 Seed Banks Saving Up for the Future

By some predictions, Earth will become nearly uninhabitable within just a few generations – and between now and then, one of the most damaging events ...

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High-Tech Hobos: Train-Hopping Vagabonds of the Digital Age

Traveling light takes on new meaning when jumping trains, as does the limited battery life of mobile devices – just like the rest of us, hitchhikers and ...

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