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Cars are just too commonplace these days, with so few things to set apart one style or model from the next. Here are some excellent examples of creative hacks, scientific mods and artistic makeovers that will make you marvel at once-conventional vehicle types from cars, bikes and trucks to planes, boats and submarines.

Shabby Cabbie: 15 Abandoned Taxis & Cab Graveyards

Taxis have a checkered history and few mourn when one or more of the used, abused and disused private transit vehicles reaches the end of the meter.

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Railroaded: 9 Nifty Abandoned Train Car Graveyards

Where do obsolete trains go when they die? Many end up in railroad graveyards where these former station-stopping locomotives stay stopped and stationary.

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Instant Monster Truck: Converting Cars into Snowmobiles

Anyone who has driven in heavy snow has witnessed an overconfident driver in a 4×4 go whizzing down the icy street only to fishtail or veer off into a ...

Bike Tire Tent: Compact Travel Shelter Wraps Inside Wheels

For the cycling nomad, this design uses space you never knew you had, and helps free up room in front-of-handlebar baskets or on above-back-tire racks for ...

LEGO Hot Rod: 500,000-Piece Working Replica Runs on Air

This hot rod might not be much faster than a bicycle, but the fact that it runs at all is extraordinary given that it’s made of 500,000 Lego bricks and ...

Top Choppers: 15 High-Flying Helicopter Designs & Drones

Everybody’s buzzing about Amazon Prime Air, which will bring the products you order from the mega-retailer to your doorstep in just 30 minutes via ...

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Only in Russia: World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant

It sounds at best far-fetched and at worst frightening, at least at first, but this unique water-based energy station is already under construction and is ...

Landing Stripped: 8 Grounded & Abandoned Spaceships

If abandoned spaceships weren't so hard to find (please don't look for any in Antarctica), we wouldn't have to make them for movies, TV, art or just for fun.

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Retro Rockets: 9 Outrageous Roadgoing Spaceships

As the Space Age rocked, rolled and rocketed into pop culture, fantastic one-off wheeled wonders embarked upon a more prosaic mission: launching new products.

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Modified Water Bike: Inventor Commutes San Francisco Bay

Both the first person to bike across the San Francisco Bay and over the Hudson River is great, but being able to skip traffic jams and cycle to work over the ...

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