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Cars are just too commonplace these days, with so few things to set apart one style or model from the next. Here are some excellent examples of creative hacks, scientific mods and artistic makeovers that will make you marvel at once-conventional vehicle types from cars, bikes and trucks to planes, boats and submarines.

Trash Hits: 11 Scent-sational Concept Garbage Trucks

These 11 scent-sational concept garbage trucks trash traditional artistic sensibilities while maintaining the “can”-do spirit today's waste management ...

Star Cars: 10 Past, Present & Future Robot Space Rovers

These 10 roving robotic explorers were designed to roll over unearthly alien terrain where no one has gone before, and where no roads await their wheels.

Whatever Floats Your Boat: 29 Wild Watercraft

Boats are boring, right? Wrong. Here are 29 reasons why.

24 Vehicles with Legs to Stroll Through Your Imagination

When the wheel was invented, most of society threw its hands up and said "this is it!" Not all inventors were so narrow-minded.

Knock On Wood, Then Drive It! 28 Crazy Wooden Creations

Thought wood was only good for bookshelves and patios? These awesome wooden creations prove that the natural material is far more versatile than that.

Converted Car Furniture: Rev Up Your Couch

Convert that hunk of junk sitting in the driveway into a gleaming piece of furniture, and enjoy the ride every time the television is turned on.

Blizzard Wizards: 10 Cool Cutting Edge Snow Plows

These 10 cool cutting edge snow plows are a triumph of basic technology against the forces of nature, so clear the way... or better yet, let THEM do it for you!

True Transformers: Normal Cars Turned Monstrous

Car modifications are sometimes awesome, often horrible, and always expensive. The best are horribly expensive, and awesome enough to take your breath away.

Back To The Future: 29 Thrilling Concept Cars & Designs

Concept cars are some of the coolest and popular manifestations of futurism today. Some are actually built, but most don't make it off the computer screen.

Don’t Come Knocking: 21 Vans That Are Definitely Rocking

These are not Volkswagen vans covered in flowers and weighed down by lounging hippies. These are the most badass van paint jobs to grace our nation's roads.

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