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Cars are just too commonplace these days, with so few things to set apart one style or model from the next. Here are some excellent examples of creative hacks, scientific mods and artistic makeovers that will make you marvel at once-conventional vehicle types from cars, bikes and trucks to planes, boats and submarines.

Vertical Garage: Hide Cars Below or Lift Your Ride to the Sky

There are all kinds of houses designed to showcase your prized luxury vehicle or custom cruiser, but few can boast so blatant a mechanism to quite literally ...

Insanely Ingenious: Longboard Stroller for Daredevil Parents

Insane, ingenious, or both, this design combines an alternative way to commute with your kids, assuming you can get past the skateboarding aspect and feel safe.

Record Breakers: 7 Vehicular Wonders of the World

These seven record-smashing vehicles are the strongest, longest, biggest, narrowest, fastest, most fuel-efficient and most expensive in the world.

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SoundTank: Mobile Sound System or Armored Vehicle?

The SoundTank is an imposing sound system with a speaker-covered, faceted hydraulic lid capable of pushing out 4,000 watts.

Odd-Wheel Wonders: 11 Novel Vehicles with 1 or 3 Wheels

When you get around, it's usually on two or four wheels. But the inventors of these crazy vehicles decided to go a different route by using one or three wheels.

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All-in-One Bicycle Helmet: Sleek Integrated Lights & Signals

Incredible design is not just about looking good (which this does) or working well (which this does), but weaving these solutions neatly together.

Origami Kayak: Packs Flat, Folds Up to Form its Own Case

Portaging in the wild is one thing, but try walking your canoe or kayak down the street and you may smack some unsuspecting pedestrian in the head.

3D Printed Car is Strong, Light and Close to Production

Strong as steel, half the weight and running on very little gas, the plastic Urbee 2 hybrid vehicle is manufactured with a near-automated 3D printing process.

Intelligent Interstates: 5 High-Tech ‘Smart Highway’ Systems

Color-changing and glow-in-the-dark paint, mini windmill-powered lights, a lane that charges your car for you magnetically while you drive and more.

Clear Sailing: Cleverly Transparent Canoes & Kayaks

These clear canoes and transparent kayaks give water travelers a whole new perspective on the hidden underwater world beneath them.

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