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Cars are just too commonplace these days, with so few things to set apart one style or model from the next. Here are some excellent examples of creative hacks, scientific mods and artistic makeovers that will make you marvel at once-conventional vehicle types from cars, bikes and trucks to planes, boats and submarines.

Ear Shift: The Top 10 Oddly Named Chinese Cars

China's automotive industry has made great leaps forward but there's one game where Chinese carmakers are still playing catch-up... the name game.

Bizarre Bicycle! Fliz Fits Like a Harness to Help You Run

This highly unusual bicycle has no pedals or seat; it straps over you like a harness to help you run faster than you ever could on your own.

Stair Rover: Smooth-Ride Skateboard Glides Down Steps

If you thought biking down stairs was hard, try skating a stairwell - or better yet: don't. At least not without this nifty new hybrid board, that is.

Future Shocks: 5 Incredible Concept Cars & Cool Prototypes

From two-and-three-wheeled concept cars to real-life transformers for land, sea and air, the idea of all-terrain vehicle is starting to take on new meaning ...

Top Models of Tomorrow: 5 Retro-Futuristic Car Designs

Though times and vehicular technologies change, at least one thing remains the same: concept cars drive vehicle design, both on and off the drawing board.

Rockin’ Chairs : 12 Concept Personal Mobility Scooters

These 12 personal mobility scooters are to aging Baby Boomers what souped-up Harleys were to Easy Rider's Wyatt & Billy, just less quick and more quiet.

Crop Culture: 10 Cool & Futuristic Concept Tractors

If you think tractors are not very exciting, you've spent too much time on a collective farm and not enough on the showroom floor.

4 Fantasy Yachts that Blend Sleek & Silly in Style

Come aboard and set sail on a tour of the extremely luxurious and incredibly well-designed offerings from one fledgling yacht company.

Rural Ride Hacks: 34 Incredibly Down-To-Earth Vehicle Mods

It's refreshing to see ingenuity unleashed from societal mores on an industrial scale. Vehicle modifications can be incredibly fancy. These are not.

Riding High: 30 Outrageous Bike Mods & Cycling Inventions

One way to get more people to start traveling via pedal power is to add a little creativity to an otherwise mundane form of transport.

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