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Art on the wall is one thing, but installations engage us with texture, light, color and sound, surrounding us and begging for interaction. They challenge conventions of the art world as well as the context of art itself, as these uncanny and unique projects illustrate in vivid three-dimensional form.

Sound of the Earth: Vinyl Globe Plays Music of the World

Spin this black globe and you'll hear the music of the world. The Sound of the Earth by Yuri Suzuki is a spherical, interactive record player.

Neighborly Art: Surreal Sky Bridge Spans 2 Typical Homes

Houses can be isolating ... but what happens when you break down - or bridge - the gap created by yards and fences between two otherwise-ordinary homes?

Transit Transformed: Metro Cars Turned Mobile Art Galleries

Artists take over six Chicago metro train cars for an annual art installation that immerses commuters in strange landscapes of balloons, lights and more.

Deep Sea Mystery: Diving to Solve Underwater Crop Circles

At a depth of nearly 100 feet, what could possibly explain these radially-symmetrical patterns appearing on the ocean floor off the coast of Japan?

Musical Tree! Amplified Sound Art from Falling Chestnuts

A chestnut tree in a Berlin park has been transformed into an interactive music and light show, producing sound from chestnuts that fall on polymer membranes.

Urban Living Room: Feel at Home in Public Places

A cozy, blue-painted living room entices passersby to sit, get to know each other and enjoy entertainment in Rotterdam at the 'Urban Living Room' installation.

Arts & Crowdfunding: Recap of NAMAC 2012 Conference

Funding models are fast evolving in the digital age, and this conference provided a window into how different artists, organizations and institutions are ...

Dead Media: Art Installation Created with 497 VHS Tapes

497 obsolete VHS tapes were taken apart and assembled into the shape of a skull, which comes together only when you look at it from a certain viewpoint.

Leading Creatively Conference in MN: 5 Reasons to Attend

Leading Creatively 2012: panels, workshops, films and tours exploring visual culture across various local Twin Cities venues from September 6th through the ...

Real Large LEGO: Concrete Bridge Turned to Colorful Brick

Weathered concrete sides suddenly give way to crisp, clean, multi-colored LEGO blocks stretched across thin air, looking more like something from Minecraft (or ...

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