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Art on the wall is one thing, but installations engage us with texture, light, color and sound, surrounding us and begging for interaction. They challenge conventions of the art world as well as the context of art itself, as these uncanny and unique projects illustrate in vivid three-dimensional form.

Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater Reclaims Urban Space

An abandoned, deteriorating bridge in the city of Kosice in Slovakia has been rehabbed and modified to serve as an amphitheater and public gathering space that ...

Gravity-Defying House Gives Visitors Climbing Power

Some London residents have recently acquired an incredible ability to scale walls with ease. They climb the facade of a building, sit quietly on windowsills, ...

Reflections: China’s Lost Lakes Resurface in Urban Beijing

As China has transformed from a largely agricultural society to an industrial superpower, vastly changing its landscape with both construction equipment and ...

Wheel House: Circular Hobo Home is a Rolling Circus Marvel

In this strange circus performance piece, two travelers turn architectural conventions on end, moving an offbeat nomadic home through a comedic narrative via ...

Sandcastle Suburbs: Beach Buildings Form Fragile Sprawl

If castles of sand are ordinarily creative (if childish) works of artistic expression, then these are their opposite – boring and relentless repetition ...

Little & Local: Staircase Cinema & Sidewalk Library Projects

Public art used to be synonymous with huge and impersonal and location-agnostic sculptures made of metal and marble. Countering that traditional trend ...

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Sound in Sand: Complex Visualizations of Audio Frequencies

Varying audio frequencies produce incredibly intricate patterns in sand when a special plate is hooked up to a tone generator in this artistic sound ...

Laser-Cut Record: Music Etched Onto Slices of Wood

Slices of wood take the place of traditional vinyl in these beautiful hand-crafted, laser-cut records by designer Amanda Ghassaei.

Infinite Garden Multiplies Miniature Forest with Mirrors

Holes in a hovering white canvas box give the viewer a glimpse of a seemingly magical landscape in which a small planted area becomes a vast forest.

Tons of Art: Christo Unveils World’s Largest Indoor Sculpture

Well known for grand gestures and huge installations, Christo has outdone himself once again in this latest work made of air, light and wonder.

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