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From 3D graffiti to light art, these works reflect the cutting edge of contemporary urban street art and design. These graffiti and street artists employee the latest techniques, creative materials, and unusual strategies to challenge the conventional stencil-and-spray-paint approach that most people think of when it comes to public drawing and wall graffiti the world over.

Colorful Contrast: Geometric Street Paintings in France

A wide strip of bold geometric patterns in bright colors painted onto the asphalt disrupts the muted historic visuals of a small city in France.

Cellograff: Wall-Free Graffiti Sprayed on Clear Cellophane

Tagging is typically considered an urban art. At the very least you need walls to write on, right? Not necessarily - there are translucent alternatives, too.

Tag Clouds: Geek Street Artist Remakes Messy Graffiti

In a play on both tagging and technology, this artist turns traditional tags into computer-style tag clouds, among other geeky street art projects.

Sideways Street Art: Muralist Makes Figures Walk on Walls

These layered creations are surprisingly realistic, even in black and white, thanks in part to their scale and reinforced by their shadows and context.

GIF-fiti: Trippy Animated Street Art Photos by INSA

This graffiti isn't made to be seen in person - artist INSA paints and repaints each mural to create animated GIFs that can only be viewed on computers.

The Wilds of Panama City: New Street Art Animals by ROA

Street artist ROA brings bold black-and-white animals measuring three stories in height to the gritty streets of Panama City in a new series of work.

Tag Before the Tide: Temporary 3D Sand Graffiti by DAIM

Artist Mirko Reisser has long developed a highly personalized (and profoundly cool) approach to making two-dimensional tags appear three-dimensional on ...

Eyebombing: 21 Street Artworks Utilize 42+ Googly Eyes

Though naturally unique, the work of any of these 21 eyebombers is also inherently anonymous due to the similarly simple materials used in each case.

Not Photoshopped: New Optical Illusions by Felice Varini

Artist Felice Varini creates large-scale anamorphic illusions on urban surfaces, which only come together when viewed from a certain perspective.

Lessons in Graffiti: Math Symbols Make Street Art Equations

Simple black-outlined, white-filled, faux-three-dimensional shapes that render urban happenstance into something with a humorous sense of mathematical order.

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