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From 3D graffiti to light art, these works reflect the cutting edge of contemporary urban street art and design. These graffiti and street artists employee the latest techniques, creative materials, and unusual strategies to challenge the conventional stencil-and-spray-paint approach that most people think of when it comes to public drawing and wall graffiti the world over.

Abandoned Church Becomes Brilliant Urban Art Installation

Street artist HENSE turned an abandoned church in Washington, D.C. into a massive abstract mural that stands as a symbol of hopes for the neighborhood's future.

Marvelous Muralist Makes Giant-Sized Street Art Illusions

Madrid-based street artist Sam3 creates massive murals covering entire multi-story buildings in cities like Vienna, Valencia, Quito, Berlin and Atlanta.

Your Text Here: Messages of Light Displayed on Buildings

An urban light art project in Detroit gave citizens the chance to communicate their thoughts and feelings in giant letters on the side of a downtown building.

Creative Fuel: 12 Appealingly Painted Oil Storage Tanks

Most oil storage tank farms are big, bland and boring, classic examples of form following function with the occasional company logo affixed to break up the ...

Season’s Graffitis! 16 Santalicious Christmas Murals

Thanksgiving just concluded, and everyone's eyes are already looking forward to the Christmas season. These holiday murals are a Christmas tease.

Urban Landscapes Transformed: 23 Stunning Urban Murals

Exceptionally talented street artists to create murals so awesome, they could easily hang in a gallery, but so large that they hang on it, instead.

Grill Gas Flash: 15 Prettily Painted Propane Tanks

Propane tanks have found a place in urban, suburban and rural settings with some owners choosing to beautify them so they'll fit in even better.

Flame On! 19 Fire Hydrants You’ll Want To Use

Fire hydrants are considered, at most, a sidewalk hog. Urban artists have decided to give this urban landmark a confidence boost by painting them decoratively.

Miniature City Scenes: 21 of Slinkachu’s Tiny Art Installations

Slinkachu is a UK-based artist who creates tiny scenes on city streets. He photographs each scene and then leaves it to be discovered.

Gray Ghost: Banksy’s Arch-Nemesis or Anti-Street Artist?

The Gray Ghost haunts New Orleans with a vengeance, adding his own Dada-esque anti-art to walls everywhere, graying out graffiti with his own incidentally ...

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