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From 3D graffiti to light art, these works reflect the cutting edge of contemporary urban street art and design. These graffiti and street artists employee the latest techniques, creative materials, and unusual strategies to challenge the conventional stencil-and-spray-paint approach that most people think of when it comes to public drawing and wall graffiti the world over.

Perspective-Shifting Geometric Street Art by Aakash Nihalani

Street artist Aakash Nihalani takes his perspective-skewing, geometric tape art installations to East Hampton for a residency at the Willem de Kooning estate.

Cement Bleak: Haunting Shadow Faces on the Sidewalk

Ghostly shadow faces appear on the sidewalks, cast through hand-shaped metal colanders by the street lights, in an installation by Isaac Cordal.

Deep Art: 23 Examples Of Must Sea Ocean-Themed Graffiti

If Aquaman had a spray can, he would fill the streets with exotic visions of giant octopi, and vicious sea monsters just like this.

Street Art Olympics: Banksy Works on 2012 London Games

When the games are in town, street art abounds, with locals and visitors alike responding to the huge city-shifting influx of infrastructure and viewers

Beyond Beautification: Brazil Art Project Paints All the Things

Brazil is no stranger to paint-based urban interventions, of  whichRio de Janeiro is frequently the focus, but the scope and scale of this project ...

Hacktivists Subvert Street Ads with Art & Info in Toronto

So-called 'info pillars' in Toronto that are actually covered in advertisements have been hacked and replaced with art by guerrilla collective cARTopgraphy TO.

Art Strikes Back: 24 More Sweet Star Wars Graffiti Artworks

Yoda, Darth Vader and the rest of the Star Wars crew appear in various forms, from cartoonish to hyper-realistic, in street art and graffiti around the world.

System Error: Computer Dialog Boxes Appear on NYC Adverts

The dialog boxes that pop up to let us interact with our computers have found their way into the streets of New York, thanks to prolific artist Jilly Ballistic.

Pixel Pour 2.0: Digital Water Street Art Stuck in Mid-Spill

A pixelated stream of water appears to pour from a black faucet on a sidewalk in Manhattan in this urban art installation dubbed 'Pixel Pour 2.0.'

Invisible Boxes: Camouflaged Art Goes Postal, Hits the Street

Cayetano Ferrer likes putting prints on ordinary objects and capturing everyday scenes in strange ways on videos. This new project expands his approaches.

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