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Abandoned Intervention: Sliding Facade Reveals Decay

A brand new brick facade slides off the front of a building in Kent, UK to reveal the derelict mess just beyond. Abandoned for 11 years, the four-story ...

Skyscraper Slums: Insider Tour of World’s Tallest Tent City

Housing over 2,500 squatters on 28 of its 45 floors, the Tower of David is a half-finished structure in Caracas, Venezuela, populated with displaced people. ...

The Unloved Boats: 8 Abandoned Cruise Ships & Liners

Call out “Abandon ship!” and what do you get? Abandoned ships. These 8 abandoned cruise ships and liners are all that's left of what was left to Poseidon.

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Is It Safe? Nine Creepy Abandoned Dentist Offices

These nine creepy abandoned dentist offices feature chairs even a weary marathon man wouldn't sit on. Listen to your inner drill sergeant, this will hurt a bit!

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Suburb-Terranean: 70s Bunker Home Simulates Day & Night

It is a dream home like any other of its era, with brick walls, sliding doors, stock windows and shingle roofs as well as a lawn, garden, trees and pool. The ...

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Deserted Paris of the East: Chinese Replica Now Ghost City

On any given day in Paris, you might see hundreds of thousands of  residents and tourists in the streets. They go in and out of shops, snap pictures next to ...

Indoor Skydiving Inside Concrete Silos & Cargo Containers

Take your pick between a pair of once-abandoned silos: one lets you explore nearly 100 vertical feet of underwater space with hidden caverns, while the other ...

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Abandoned Quarry to Ice World: Pit Reclaimed as Resort

China is set to get yet another quarry-turned-resort in an ambitious project by Coop Himmelb(l)au architecture, transforming an abandoned mining pit into an ...

Animal House: Woodland Creatures Adopt Deserted Cabins

These interior photos by Kai Fagerström depict wild forest inhabitants who have made derelict human-owned dwellings their own – domestic ...

House Turned Inside Out: All Walls Cut, Flipped & Reattached

An ambitious art project, the House Turned Inside Out peals away facades, those outer layers of mystery physically surrounding abandoned buildings, and reveals ...

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