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Royal Blush: Japan’s Abandoned Queen Chateau Soapland

Fleeting moments of pleasure, a lifetime of neglect: that pretty much sums up the Queen Chateau soapland, a now-abandoned “brothel with baths” in Mito, ...

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Transformer Theater: Deserted House, Upcycled in Disguise

This incredible transforming theater, built from salvaged pieces of a deserted home, is more than meets the eye. A community theater in disguise, its contents ...

Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater Reclaims Urban Space

An abandoned, deteriorating bridge in the city of Kosice in Slovakia has been rehabbed and modified to serve as an amphitheater and public gathering space that ...

You’re Fired: 9 Smokin’ Hot Abandoned Match Factories

Churned out by the billions in enormous unsafe factories, matches were indispensable whether the aim was repelling Morlocks or merely lighting one's pipe.

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Desolate Desertions: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Antarctica

At the end of the earth, in some of the most remote places known to man, the remains of ill-advised human exploration and activity can be found in the form of ...

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Time-Lapse Tagging: Short Film Reveals Secrets of Graffiti

You see the finished pieces all over – ornate, curved and layered – but rarely get such a vivid and complete all-angle, real-time view of how their ...

Mansions to Mines: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Modern Africa

Ranging from eerie, remote desert settlements in the hottest place on earth to perfectly pastel modern ghost towns, Africa’s standout abandonments are as ...

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Cradle to Graveyard: 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Middle East

Eerie ghost towns, villages abandoned after shocking massacres, the palaces of deposed dictators and mansions so well preserved they’re like 1950s time ...

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Highest Steam: 9 Abandoned Railroad & Train Bridge Trestles

Durable by design and situated by necessity in difficult to access locations, train trestles are often all that remain when railroads are closed and abandoned.

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Secret Speakeasy: Abandoned Water Tower Nightclub in NYC

New York has a long history of hidden and illicit venues - one that did not stop when prohibition was lifted. For instance, this now-defunct venue inside a ...

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