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Half Invisible: Deserted Desert Cabin Remixed with Mirrors

Unlike a mirage on the horizon, this quaint little abode is entirely real, even if it seems to half-disappear through alternating wood and (seemingly) ...

Decay Down Under: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Australia

Whether covered in colorful graffiti or slowly disappearing under a profusion of moss and vines, Australia’s most intriguing abandoned places share the ...

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Secret Cities: Capturing Hidden Abandoned Places on Film

Just beyond all of the noise and activity of daily urban life is a secret world of forgotten spaces which are nearly always dank and dusty, but often ...

Landing Stripped: 8 Grounded & Abandoned Spaceships

If abandoned spaceships weren't so hard to find (please don't look for any in Antarctica), we wouldn't have to make them for movies, TV, art or just for fun.

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Strung Along: Twine Guides Visitors Through Abandonments

Acting as a minimalist and silent tour guide, lengths of black yarn were carefully suspended to direct guests along a route through the broken walls of a ...

Sounds Of Sirens: 10 Alarmingly Abandoned Firehalls

Made to last and styled to please, these abandoned firehalls silently linger on long after the factories and buildings they were built to protect have gone.

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Abandoned Intervention: Sliding Facade Reveals Decay

A brand new brick facade slides off the front of a building in Kent, UK to reveal the derelict mess just beyond. Abandoned for 11 years, the four-story ...

Skyscraper Slums: Insider Tour of World’s Tallest Tent City

Housing over 2,500 squatters on 28 of its 45 floors, the Tower of David is a half-finished structure in Caracas, Venezuela, populated with displaced people. ...

The Unloved Boats: 8 Abandoned Cruise Ships & Liners

Call out “Abandon ship!” and what do you get? Abandoned ships. These 8 abandoned cruise ships and liners are all that's left of what was left to Poseidon.

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Is It Safe? Nine Creepy Abandoned Dentist Offices

These nine creepy abandoned dentist offices feature chairs even a weary marathon man wouldn't sit on. Listen to your inner drill sergeant, this will hurt a bit!

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