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Shabby Cabbie: 15 Abandoned Taxis & Cab Graveyards

Taxis have a checkered history and few mourn when one or more of the used, abused and disused private transit vehicles reaches the end of the meter.

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Drowned Towns: 10 Underwater Ghost Cities & Buildings

Mildewed crosses, lonely spires, barely-visible stone foundations and rusting bed frames are all that’s left to show for these 10 intentionally submerged ...

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Railroaded: 9 Nifty Abandoned Train Car Graveyards

Where do obsolete trains go when they die? Many end up in railroad graveyards where these former station-stopping locomotives stay stopped and stationary.

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Extreme Exposures: Light Landscapes Take Hours to Shoot

Most light photographers focus on making a shape in the foreground in a matter of seconds, then setting it against a dark static backdrop – this artist ...

No Child Left: 10 Eerie Abandoned Daycare Centers

Won't somebody please care for the children? Sorry, Helen Lovejoys of the world, these 10 eerie abandoned daycare centers just don't care any more.

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Deserted Parisian Metro Stops as Underground Pools & More

The myriad abandoned subway stations of Paris are full of hidden potential – and one current candidate for mayor is working with architects to show the ...

Seaside Ruins: 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Mediterranean

Remains of everything from an island prison that once held mafia bosses to the shells of modern Greek villas that fell victim to economic strife bake under the ...

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Pawn Scars: 10 Closed & Abandoned Pawn Shops

Pawn shops and pawnbrokers typically thrive in economic downturns so how tough must the times be when even pawn shops throw in the towel?

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Long-Exposure Faces: Moody Light Art Painted with Sparks

Light painter Diliz has worked for three years to twist, turn and perfect his single-line sparkler sketches in urban settings around the world. Each ...

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Out Of Services: 8 More Amazing Abandoned Churches

Abandon faith all ye who enter here... in the case of these 8 amazing abandoned churches, don't bother entering as faith, hope & charity left long ago.

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