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Livable Billboard Offers Artists a Temporary Home

Scribe Billboard is both an ongoing urban art project beautifying Mexico City, and a clever, compact hidden home for the artists as they work.

No Wi-Fi Zones: Taking a Break from Constant Connection

A marketing campaign by Kit Kat encourages you to take a break from your devices with a 'No WiFi Zone', which blocks all wifi signals in a 5 mile radius.

Ad-Free Advertising: A Void Billboard of Nothingness

An odd metal billboard on the border between the United States and Canada advertises nothing but empty air, drawing the viewer's eye to the landscape.

The Incredible Lost and Found Art of Hand-Painted Signage

Before the days of cheap laser-cut vinyl lettering, an industry existed for the purpose of hand-painting signage and lettering. Today, it's making a comeback.

Hacktivists Subvert Street Ads with Art & Info in Toronto

So-called 'info pillars' in Toronto that are actually covered in advertisements have been hacked and replaced with art by guerrilla collective cARTopgraphy TO.

Closing the Curtain on Public Advertising – Literally

French artist The Wa installs roller blinds on public ads in the city of Toulouse, giving passersby a little more control over the urban environment.

3D Sell-Outs? 13 Street Ads You Can Step Into

That kid who likes to draw in the sidewalk with chalk, might grow up into an artist who gets paid mad money to illustrate awesome 3D advertisements.

Con Jobs: 10 Outrageous Apple Brand Ripoffs

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then a host of eager entrepreneurs REALLY admire Apple Inc. and its visionary founder/CEO, the late Steve Jobs.

Generate Cash and Conflict by Making Your Home a Billboard

A company called Brainiacs from Mars will pay your mortgage if you let them paint your house into the boldest, ugliest advertisement in your neighborhood.

Pop Top Culture: 10 Giant Global Coca-Cola Cans

If things really go better with Coke and better means bigger, these 10 international giant Coca-Cola cans prove size really does matter!

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