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Cemeteries in the Sky: 7 Compact Vertical Burial Designs

A skyscraper filled with corpses may sound morbid, but soon, such things may become a necessity. The earth is already packed with dead housed in oversized ...

Tiny Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired House Atop Miner’s Ruins

Gleaming glass, oxidized steel and matte black wood contrast with the rough concrete ruins of an old miner’s shelter found in the desert near Scottsdale, ...

Tuned Out: 11 Off-The-Air & Abandoned Radio Stations

Don't touch that dial or pause for station identification, these eleven decrepit, decommissioned and DJ-less radio stations have signed off forever.

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Real-Life Panopticons: Deserted Dystopian Prisons in Cuba

Imagine life inside a ring of cells around a central watchtower, where you can never be sure whether you are being observed. This surreal setup became an ...

Aviator’s Villa: Ultramodern House Made of Airplane Parts

A long, narrow ultramodern residence envisioned as a composition of disassembled aviation components offers an evocative home for a retired pilot. ...

Groundless City: A Guidebook to Underground Hong Kong

Between raised walkways, subways, ferries, cable cars, a multi-block outdoor escalator and extensive double-decker bus system, it is possible to traverse a ...

Diamonds Aren’t Forever: 10 Abandoned Jewelry Stores

These 10 abandoned jewelry stores, designed to be secure oases of luxury retailing, are now as lonely as a busted ring that's forever lost its sparkle.

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Architecture as Landscape: 15 Terrain-Inspired Buildings

These skyscrapers, homes and city concepts eschew typical architectural silhouettes, taking inspiration from cliffs, mountains and hills to create artificial ...

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Photo Finished: 9 Snappy Camera-Shaped Buildings

Yo dawg, these 9 camera-shaped buildings allow you to take selfies with your camera in front of buildings built to look like cameras. Now say “cheesy”!

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7 Deadly Engineering Disasters of the Industrial Age

Messing around with money-saving shortcuts or failing to understand basic physics can have deadly consequences when it comes to engineering structures like ...

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