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Stunning Stereoviews: Historical Photos Show Past in 3D

Life in turn-of-the-century Japan is captured in vivid 3D with stereoviews by photographer T. Enami, viewed with a stereoscope or made into animated images.

Crafty Consumerism: 15 Creative Forms of Barcode Art

From tattoos and home decor to portraits of Jesus, the barcode has been elevated to art in many different forms, whether infused with meaning or not.

Paper Crafty: 12 Cardboard Artists Think Outside the Box

Cardboard transcends its humble reputation when formed into incredible sculptures, installations and architecture by these 12 artists.

Amazing Program Turns Sketches into Photo Montages

An amazing new online tool called PhotoSketch automatically transforms a stick-figure sketch into a Photoshopped image montage in minutes.

Go Graphic: 15 Creative Works of Laptop Computer Art

Going graphic demands the personal touch. These 15 examples of creative laptop art draw from the realm of the senses to conclusively state your case.

Snow-Globe Apocalypse: Mini Model Worlds on the Edge

Thomas Doyle creates intricate miniature sculptures under glass that capture disturbing and transformative moments in human life.

Digital Painters: Old World Art Meets Modern Technology

Working as concept artists and illustrators, these 15 incredible digital artists have mastered modern computer-based media to create stunning works of art.

Fine Art Photography: Work of 24 Famous Photographers

When a picture matches the creative vision of an artist taking the shot, the photograph is considered fine art. Here is the work of 24 famous photographers.

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Jaw-Dropping Works of Light Art & Photographic Graffiti

German duo Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza of LAPP create incredible light graffiti using complex choreography, light sources and photography.

Colorful Art Writers: 10 of the Best Graffiti Artists

Since the 1970s, graffiti has been a big part of the urban environment. These are just a few of the countless graff artists writing all over the world.

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