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In Your Face: 15 Dramatic Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

These awesome guerrilla marketing campaigns build on the history of of the art to illustrate where, why, and how the media markets their message in unexpected ...

Presidential Portraits: Drawings & Paintings of George Bush

The president was thought of various ways by different citizens and artists, but many of them did not look favorably on his actions as our leader in their ...

Art of Being Banksy: Interviews, Photos, Films & Videos

Banksy’s art has struck a chord with a huge group of people. They span generations and socioeconomic barriers. They are from all countries, all professions, ...

Ruins Of War: 15 Places Abandoned Due to Military Turmoil

Wars show through the physical devastation they leave behind. In many cases the effects can be seen decades later.

20 Awesome Art Cars: Cupcake Scooters to Cat Cruisers

20 amazingly creative embellished and sculpted art cars, ranging from a giant vehicle resembling a Jawa sandcrawler to a van covered in 5,000 brass trinkets.

Dark Arts: The Work of 10 Talented Night Photographers

Photography is a skill that is difficult to master, but professional and artistic night photographers have their own unique challenges to face.

Sandcraft: 10 Amazing Sand Artists with Awesome Artwork

These ten amazing artists have incredible works they have created using nothing but sand and water, some of which will wash away in the tide, so see them fast!

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Intriguing Typography: Oded Ezer Remixes Art & Science

Oded Ezer writes his own rules as an experimentalist with works of letters transformed into bizarre, zany, and mesmerizing shapes.

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Who is He? About Banksy: Famously Anonymous Street Artist

Who is Banksy? No one knows for sure but many have speculated about the identity of this mysterious urban street artist - learn more about him here.

Level Up! 20 Examples of Hilarious Geeky Art & Graffiti

Art can be considered geeky for many reasons - from the materials used to the subject matter chosen. Here are twenty examples from geek artists.

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