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Frightening Finery: 50+ Macabre Jewelry Creations

Would you wear a dead bird as an accessory? These 50+ bizarre, creepy and often beautiful jewelry creations by 12 artists are not for the faint of heart.

Fluid Designs: 12 (More) Water Vehicles to Float Your Boat

From futuristic to astonishingly low-tech, these 12 boat and watercraft designs - including a flying sailboat and a pumpkin canoe - are slick and surprising.

13 Most Weird & Wonderful Collections of Stuff on the Web

Travel isn't required to view some of the world's weirdest collections, like the Museum of Barf Bags or every airline spoon ever created - these 13 are online.

Body Art: Creations Made of Human Flesh, Blood & Bones

Forget boring art media like paint and clay - these artists use their own blood, hair, fingernail parings and even stolen human body parts in their work.

Livable Packing Tape Web Installation Worthy of Spiderman

It looks like the work of some fictional spider from hell, but this art installation by design collective For Use/Numen is actually made from packing tape.

Real Ghost Ships: 10 Mysterious Abandoned Sea Vessels

What really happens out at sea when every single living person on a ship simply disappears into thin air? These ghost ships all share one thing: bizarre ...

House on the Rock: Manic Mishmash of Mechanical Mayhem

Get ready for sensory overload. Check your sanity at the door. Much like stepping into Oz, touring House on the Rock is like a dream from a drug-induced haze.

Signal or Noise: 8 Mysterious Unsolved Sounds

Was 'The Bloop' made by a mythical sea monster - and did aliens try to send us a message? It's hard to say if these 8 unidentified sounds are signals or noise.

Provocative Photography and Ads by Carioca Studio

What do bloody severed bunny heads, golden pig-men and children in chains have in common? They're all featured in the amazing photography of Carioca Studio.

Cryptic Codes: 11 Legendary Still-Uncracked Mystery Ciphers

Do the Beale Papers lead to buried treasure? What does the Zodiac Killer's coded message say? These 11 uncracked codes have befuddled experts for years.

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