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Signal or Noise: 8 Mysterious Unsolved Sounds

Was 'The Bloop' made by a mythical sea monster - and did aliens try to send us a message? It's hard to say if these 8 unidentified sounds are signals or noise.

Provocative Photography and Ads by Carioca Studio

What do bloody severed bunny heads, golden pig-men and children in chains have in common? They're all featured in the amazing photography of Carioca Studio.

Cryptic Codes: 11 Legendary Still-Uncracked Mystery Ciphers

Do the Beale Papers lead to buried treasure? What does the Zodiac Killer's coded message say? These 11 uncracked codes have befuddled experts for years.

(Un)Dead Languages: 10 Mysterious Undeciphered Scripts

For all the knowledge we hold about our past as a species on this planet, we still haven't been able to decipher these 10 nearly forgotten languages.

10 Most Amazing Ancient Objects of Mystery in History

Did aliens build a toilet in China? Maybe not, but these 10 fascinating historical artifacts from around the world certainly provide fodder for strange ...

Notes from Chris: Hilarious Experimental Urban Signage Art

Who is Chris, and why does he want to meet up with you at 4pm by the tree to discuss his tedious problems?

Mad Money: Wild Wallets & Wonderfully Weird Purse Designs

Why carry around a boring old purse or wallet when you could have a decapitated head handbag, a functioning NES gaming purse or a space-age metal card holder?

Real-Life Skynet? Modern Android & Robot (R)Evolutions

Scoff if you must, but with a dash of humor, two pinches of sarcasm, a few slices of conspiracy, and a large dose robotic reality, this is how Skynet really ...

From Bento to Chocolate: 10 Delicious Examples of Food Art

For most, lunch has become a disappointing time spent in front of a microwave; however, a lot of people are compensating with beautiful food aesthetics.

Amazing Architecture: 15 (More!) World’s Weirdest Buildings

Architecture shouldn't send you on a one-way-trip to snooze-ville. These designs prove that there are infinite ways to pack buildings with extra personality!

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