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What If? Apocalyptic Art Explores Ends of Industrial Worlds

What if we filled the world with nothing but cars, or skyscrapers, or if we simply started building an industrialized mountain (like a modern-day Tower of ...

Hyperphotos: Architectural Hybrids Remix Built Environments

There is something almost mystical (or mythical) about these photographic collages, at once apparently realistic in content and seemingly impossible in ...

Architectural Apocalypse: Famous Museums Seen After the Fall

Like that iconic scene in the original Planet of the Apes film, these artists have displaced great works of architecture in time and space to see what each ...

10 in 1 Day: Chinese Homes 3D-Printed from Scraps Materials

Using recycled construction waste and rapid prototyping processes, a Chinese company is showing off how 3D printing technologies can be applied to building at ...

Cinematic Structures: Illustrating Famous Film Architecture

Some cinematic experiences are defined by their built environments, be it the minimalist architectural plan outlines of Dogville or the lavish Mid-Century ...

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Calling Home: 9 Towering Smartphone-Shaped Buildings

Does your high-rise apartment or office tower look like a mobile phone? These ones do, and you can bet smartphone users inside them get REALLY good reception.

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Aren’t We Nautical: 10 Swell Ship-Shaped Buildings

From the fish out of water department: Landlubbers leery of getting their feet wet can live vicariously by visiting these 10 swell ship-shaped buildings.

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Strung Along: Twine Guides Visitors Through Abandonments

Acting as a minimalist and silent tour guide, lengths of black yarn were carefully suspended to direct guests along a route through the broken walls of a ...

Floors So Vain: The World’s Ten Tallest Vanity Heights

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has coined the term “vanity height” to describe the empty, unoccupied space atop the world's ten tallest ...

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Scanning The Skyline: 10 Bizarre Barcode Buildings

You're gonna need a bigger scanner. These 10 larger than life Universal Product Barcode emblazoned buildings epitomize the digitization of modern society.

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