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Scanning The Skyline: 10 Bizarre Barcode Buildings

You're gonna need a bigger scanner. These 10 larger than life Universal Product Barcode emblazoned buildings epitomize the digitization of modern society.

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Micro-Cities: Tiny Buildings Fuel Miniature Urban Renewal

Electrical boxes beware – Evol is back to up to his old tricks, turning urban fixtures and unused walls into tiny cityscapes using a deceptively simple ...

Building Fragments: 20 Surreal Reconstructed Photographs

At first glance, they are nearly believable, these angled buildings with their curious corners. Closer inspection reveals Escher-esque optical illusions and ...

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Crawling Cities: 3D-Printed Shells for Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs carry crystal-clear cityscapes on their backs, thanks to a series of 3D-printed shells by Aki Inomata. The artist scans the insides of hermit crab ...

Dense City: Photos Show Tightly-Packed Hong Kong Towers

Twice as dense as New York, and four times as crowded as London, Hong Kong is a fascinating mix of natural landscape edged by incredibly dense human ...

Sky Park: Design Idea Floats City Block Over Penn Station

Out of four recent proposals for a radical overhaul of Penn Station in New York City, this concept is far and away the most dramatic.

Kite Cameras: Aerial Photography Accessible to Anyone

Towers convey power, and height is both literally and metaphorically connected to broader and better views ... but now, relatively simple kites can too.

Buildings That Don’t Exist: Fake Facades Hide Infrastructure

Is there something strange about the exterior of that building? This Paris facade and others like it around the world are actually hiding ugly infrastructure.

Fill in the Blanks: Illustrated Sky Spaces Between Buildings

Street art uses roads, sidewalks, walls and infrastructure as canvasses, but one of the brightest and blankest slates of all may be the spaces in between.

Airborne Architecture: 12 Images of Flying French Houses

Context - that is the key to taking the ordinary and making it amazing in this series of displaced homes soaring up from forgotten streets of Paris.

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