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Color-Coded Cars: Time-Collapse Film Reorders Rush Hour

There is no computer-generated imagery behind this surreal-seeming scenography, but rather a skillful remixing of reality to sort actual automobiles by color. ...

LEGO Hot Rod: 500,000-Piece Working Replica Runs on Air

This hot rod might not be much faster than a bicycle, but the fact that it runs at all is extraordinary given that it’s made of 500,000 Lego bricks and ...

Glow in the Dark World: 12 Smart Illuminated Inventions

Glow in the dark tech doesn’t have to be limited to novelties like glow sticks – it could be used to make the roads safer, provide illumination ...

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Yellow Submarine: Abandoned Car Turned Colorful Street Art

An abandoned car left to rust by the curb in S√£o Paulo, Brazil became a ‘yellow submarine’ art installation for World Car Free Day, turning an ...

Trouble Feature: 10 Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theaters

Drive-in movie theaters stand for the great American auto-centric suburban dream, though as time goes by fewer and fewer of the outdoor screens remain standing.

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Odd-Wheel Wonders: 11 Novel Vehicles with 1 or 3 Wheels

When you get around, it's usually on two or four wheels. But the inventors of these crazy vehicles decided to go a different route by using one or three wheels.

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Abandoned Tunnel Used for Secret Race Car Testing

Locals weren't going crazy when they thought they heard the sounds of race cars coming from a long-abandoned tunnel under a nearby mountain in Pennsylvania.

3D Printed Car is Strong, Light and Close to Production

Strong as steel, half the weight and running on very little gas, the plastic Urbee 2 hybrid vehicle is manufactured with a near-automated 3D printing process.

Retro Hover Cars: Editing Photos to Float Vintage Rides

Renaud Marion is well established in the realm of realistic photo editing, splicing everything from architecture to wild animals into ordinary city street ...

Car-Free City: China Builds Dense Metropolis from Scratch

Planned for a rural area outside Chengdu, 'Great City' will be entirely car-free, organized around central vertical housing with green spaces easily accessible.

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