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Wood Could: 12 Unlikely Timber-Based Transportation Designs

Why stop at slapping a couple of ‘70s-style faux wood panels on the sides of your ride when you could be driving a car or motorcycle that’s made entirely ...

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Bird Biomimicry in Action: 12 Avian-Inspired Jets, Drones & Cars

The very same evolution-driven characteristics that enable birds to glide effortlessly through the air can be applied to everything from drones to bullet ...

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Long Term Angle Parking: 12 Cool Cadillac Ranch Copies

The legendary Cadillac Ranch can't be beat but it CAN be copied! These 12 tinny tributes to Amarillo's angled auto art shift flattery into high gear.

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Driving on Auto-Pilot: 13 Future Visions of Cars & Commuting

Within fifteen years we could be zooming around in flying passenger drones and self-driving luxury pods, and claiming packages from driverless delivery trucks ...

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Last Stop: 2,800 Drowned NYC Subway Cars Turned Marine Habitats

Since the early 2000s, decommissioned New York City subway cars have been seeded into the waters around New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia and other eastern ...

Robotic Delivery: 6-Wheeled Drones Set to Roll Out in London

With all the focus on flying drones, grounded versions can fly under the radar, like the bot driving this latest business from the co-founders of Skype. ...

Fender Bender Menders: 15 Abandoned Auto Body Shops

Auto body repair requires extensive training and expensive tooling these days, setting classic independent auto body shops squarely on the road to ruins.

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Colorful Cabs: Taxi Fabric Project is a New Form of Urban Art

Thousands of people get to gaze at beautiful original artwork while taking a ride from one place to another in Mumbai, India, bringing exposure to local design ...

Robot City: Entire Fake Town Built to Test Driverless Vehicles

Opening this week, Mcity is a completely artificial village for self-driving cars, bringing the future of automobiles back to Michigan, the historical home of ...

Ghost Rider: Disappearing Audi Billboard Made of Water Vapor

It’s a wonder nobody crashed their real cars doing a double-take at a glowing Audi that seems like an apparition, appearing in a fog and then ...

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