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Book of Cities: Rise & Fall of 10 Places Over 200 Years

We take it for granted that London and New York will grace the pages of books, but would you be surprised to learn that Madrid and Cairo were once as commonly ...

Forgotten Cities: 7 Unbuilt Urban Wonders of the World

Hundreds of outlandish architectural proposals envisioned for cities around the world are rejected every year, but some are notable for their vision, ...

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Crawling Cities: 3D-Printed Shells for Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs carry crystal-clear cityscapes on their backs, thanks to a series of 3D-printed shells by Aki Inomata. The artist scans the insides of hermit crab ...

City Evolution: Watch Urban Growth in 3D Visualizations

Watch Manhattan multiply and San Francisco soar into the sky in a series of growth animation videos that show the expansion of cities over more than a century. ...

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Musical Urban Design: Rube Goldberg-Style Rain Drains

An interactive and artistic facade features the process of rain drainage prominently instead of hiding it, turning the flow of liquid into music for passers by.

Kite Cameras: Aerial Photography Accessible to Anyone

Towers convey power, and height is both literally and metaphorically connected to broader and better views ... but now, relatively simple kites can too.

Buildings That Don’t Exist: Fake Facades Hide Infrastructure

Is there something strange about the exterior of that building? This Paris facade and others like it around the world are actually hiding ugly infrastructure.

Fill in the Blanks: Illustrated Sky Spaces Between Buildings

Street art uses roads, sidewalks, walls and infrastructure as canvasses, but one of the brightest and blankest slates of all may be the spaces in between.

Intoxication, Captured: Frantic Head-Spinning Oil Paintings

A disorienting sense of intoxication amidst the frantic, vivid life of the city is captured in these kinetic oil paintings by Alexandra Pacula.

Perfect Pitch: Impossibly Starry City Skies in Blackest Night

There is simply no way to see the starry skies above the typical urban metropolis - but one photographer has found a way to simulate the stunning potential ...

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