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Variations on Normal: Book of Absurdly Brilliant Inventions

The work of Dominic Wilcox is a wonderful blend of out-of-the-box design inspiration that, finally, you can get shipped to your door (in a box, no less!). ...

Living Staircase: Spiral Stairs Wrapped in Organic Greenery

Boldly curved and cantilevered into midair, these plant-wrapped stairs are designed to provide more than just a means of moving from one floor to another. ...

House of Glass: Cabin Facade from Antique Window Frames

On an unusual kind of cross-country road trip, this couple visited garage sales, antique dealers and added these to other roadside finds, all toward the quest ...

Different Strokes: Strange Paintbrushes Promote Creativity

When something evolves to have such a long history as the art of painting, it falls on out-of-the-box thinkers to question the most basic elements of creation: ...

High Tech to High Fashion: Upscale 3D-Printed Designs

These exciting 3D-printed fashion designs, including dresses, bikinis, shoes, jewelry and eyewear, could be at the forefront of a manufacturing revolution.

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Offcut Cityscapes: Sketching Sculptures with Band Saws

An adept furniture maker is familiar with scrap - but this artist has turned leftover materials into something just as fantastic as his designer projects.

City Cycle: Curved Urban Tread Wraps ‘Round Bike Tire

Rough around the edges, we rarely notice the unique landscape that evolves from regular wear and tear on our bicycle tire - even our ordinary ones.

Inventionland Offices: From Tree Houses to Race Tracks

The offices of Inventionland, a prolific design factory in Pittsburg, is an amazingly inspirational space, with pirate ships, race tracks and tree houses.

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Wrap Recap: Best 10 DIY Xmas Gift Wrappings from Reddit

The best thing come in small packages - or around them. Among other places, Reddit was abuzz this year with simple but brilliant gift-wrap solutions

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Absolutely Absurd: 18 Playful Furniture Pieces for All Ages

The humor starts with the name, but definitely does not end there. Straight Line Designs produces just about anything except works that are straightforward.

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