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Trouble Feature: 10 Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theaters

Drive-in movie theaters stand for the great American auto-centric suburban dream, though as time goes by fewer and fewer of the outdoor screens remain standing.

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Water Worlds: 15 Real-Life Floating Towns & Ocean Cities

Houses on stilts, man-made islands, floating vegetable gardens and canals instead of streets: these communities eschew land for the world of water.

Mixtape Mashup: 10 Classy Designer Cassette Tape Tributes

As a now-obsolete personal storehouse of the soundtracks of our lives, the ubiquitous custom recorded cassette tape has given it up to smartphones, iPods and ...

Almost Famous: 13 Houses from Major Hollywood Films

These 13 modern houses served as eye-catching settings for movies ranging from forgettable flicks to iconic classics, sometimes even eclipsing the stories.

Poop Culture: 11 Examples of Excellent Excrement Art

So you think all art is crap, do you? These 10 poop art masterpieces are guaranteed to get everyone – not just art snobs – turning up their noses.

Legend Of A Mind: Psychedelic Celebration of Timothy Leary

Legendary psychedelic pop culture populist Dr. Timothy Leary would have been 90 years old this year. Come take a trip aboard Timothy Leary's astral plane.

Collage Kid: Amazing Anamorphosis Art of Bernard Pras

Bernard Pras is a master of Anamorphosis - the art of stacking objects on a photograph. Pras' work gives familiar images a new, somewhat disturbing dimension.

Amazing Architecture: 15 (More!) World’s Weirdest Buildings

Architecture shouldn't send you on a one-way-trip to snooze-ville. These designs prove that there are infinite ways to pack buildings with extra personality!

Geek Orthodox: Stained Glass Windows To The Nerd Soul

From Greek to geek, stained glass has the power to bring pleasure from pane. Today this ancient and iconic art pays homage to what geeks hold to be holy.

Arcade Box to Sandbox: The Evolution of 8 Video Games

Only a few games have a successful sequel, yet there are some that manage to make the generational leap from game console to game console, for decades.

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