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Radical Write-Ins: WebUrbanist Fan Base Artist Showcase

Enjoy the wonderful works of the incredibly talented artists from Weburbanist's fanbase!

Show on the Road: 10 Awesome & Mobile Works of Graffiti

Graffiti has always been an urban expressionist art form. These cars are a mobile tribute to the art form.

Blast Off: 15 Ridiculous Rocket & Jet-Powered Vehicles

You might not think a wheelchair, porta-potty or VW Beetle are in need of jet engines, but the enthusiasts who built these crazy vehicles clearly disagree.

15 Must-See Modern (& Postmodern) Museum Designs

From the colorful Groninger Museum to the airy Osaka National Museum of Art, these 15 museums are just as striking as the art housed within them.

Bright Lights, City Life: Urban Photos of the World at Night

If you thought these places were glorious during the day, wait till you see them at night with the lights on from nearby hills and other high-up viewpoints.

Made of Money: Creative Dollar Bill & Cash Artworks

What is a dollar really worth these days? These artists explore the answer to this through beautiful works of cutout art, origami, and more, all made from ...

Insanely Creepy: 7 Scary Images of Mannequins and Dolls

Mannequins are one of those things that are somewhat necessary even though they are undeniably scary. And as if they weren't creepy enough on their own ...

Art on Wheels: The Magnificent Truck Art of Pakistan

The under-appreciated, indigenous Pakistani tradition of truck painting has an extraordinary history, starting in the days of the Raj.

Artistic Liberties: 15 Faces of the Statue of Lady Liberty

Lady liberty has lent her visage to countless artists. And to each, the Statue of Liberty has been a source of artistic expression for the individual and for ...

Waterfront Architecture: 7 Unique Beach & Lake Houses

The close proximity to water inspires some architects to create unique and amazing beach and lake houses.

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