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Chairs from Nowhere: Secret Table & Seats Hide in Shelves

Four chairs, one table, and they take up almost no space when not in use - yet not folding, flipping, stacking or complex mechanical maneuvers are needed to ...

Minimalist Wood Peg Furniture is Easy to Assemble & Store

Assemble your own custom set of furniture using no tools at all, then take it apart in minutes and hang it on the wall with StudioGorm's Wood Peg set.

A’ Design Award: 10 Worthy Winners from Around the World

From two years and thousands of designers, here are ten worthy works of architecture, interior, furniture and more given A' Design Award.

Flat-Pack Furniture: 3 Modern Designs from Noon Studio

Three designs from Noon Studio prove that simple is beautiful including a flat-pack cantilevered table, an oak and steel stool and an A-shaped leaning lamp.

Wallbots: Robotic Walls Automatically Reconfigure Rooms

Robotic walls use weather data and signals from inhabitants' behavior to reconfigure themselves into new orientations in this futuristic concept by Otto Ng.

Double-Duty Desks: 14 Adaptable Office Furniture Designs

These desk designs go beyond a mere flat surface with private cubbies, space-saving designs, modular construction and looks worthy of an art gallery.

Luxury Lounging: 13 Tantalizingly Tranquil Hammocks

Far from the usual backyard hammock, these 13 designs include indoor hammock beds, fox fur hammocks, deck hammocks and even a hammock boat.

Inside Out: Print-Crazy Wallpaper Made for Exterior Surfaces

Outdoor wallpaper brings bright colors and bold prints out to exterior walls in an eye-popping series by Italian design company Wall & Decó.

Give It A Rest! With These 18 Weird Beds & Bedroom Designs

Here's what happens when creative types have difficulty sleeping... their bedroom set invariably gets an interesting makeover.

Wake Up! 20 Insanely Creative Beds Worth Sleeping On

People spend a significant portion of their life in beds, yet they are almost always boring. I say almost always, because these beds have kicked it up a notch.

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