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Top Pop-Up Shops: 14 Temporary Retail Stores

Literally erected overnight, pop-up shops can appear just about anywhere and aim to dazzle onlookers with unusual exteriors and stunning interior designs.

Pigs in a Box: Bizarre Balloon Animal Interior

The Los Angeles Design Group envisions an interactive, at times uncomfortably close experience with voluptuous balloon animals in a retail clothing store.

Not ‘Shopped: Colorfully Surreal Scenes by Sandy Skoglund

Tableaux artist Sandy Skoglund meticulously paints and arranges bizarre and surreal scenes, which seem like they can't possibly be real.

Big Bad Bed Head: 15 Strange & Nightmarish Pillow Designs

Sleeping beauties they're not, and sweet dreams may be too much to expect from these 15 nightmarish pillow designs.

Take a Seat for Two: 31 Wild & Wacky Sofas & Couches

Check out these fantastical couches that turn any living room into a major topic of conversation.

Dark & Dramatic Design: 16 Bold Black Room Interiors

These interiors show the many ways black can be incorporated into a home or office, from dramatic matte rooms to bold accent walls.

Open Wide: 10 Jaw-Dropping Dental Office Concepts

Can't handle the tooth? These 10 jaw-droppingly innovative dental office design concepts help put patients at ease when it's time for the big freeze.

Move Over, Sistine? 15 Stunning Modern Ceiling Designs

Maybe no modern ceiling will ever be as amazing as the Sistine Chapel, but these 15 designs, no more than a century old, dazzle - even when made out of bugs.

Crafty to Crazy: 13 Contemporary Cafes & Coffee Shops

Stop in to any of these 13 design-oriented cafes around the world and you might just forget about food and beverages altogether, wowed by the interior decor.

Knock On Wood, Then Drive It! 28 Crazy Wooden Creations

Thought wood was only good for bookshelves and patios? These awesome wooden creations prove that the natural material is far more versatile than that.

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