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Barbeque Bonanza: 15 Great Outdoor Grill Designs

These 15 modern barbecue grill designs aren't just a means of cooking food outdoors - they're sculptural additions to the deck, balcony or garden.

Spaces That Shine: Steel & Copper in Interior Design

Metals like copper, steel, tin and aluminum bring a modern industrial edge when incorporated into interior design by way of stairs, fireplaces & fountains.

Design, Uncorked: 34 Innovative Wine Racks and Cellars

Thankfully, wine racks and cellars have evolved a lot over time, as a wine is only as good as the conditions in which it's stored.

Bella Italia: 15 Stylish Hotels from Venice to Sicily

From the Italian alps all the way down to Sicily, these 15 hotels and resorts offer stylish, modern, fashion-forward lodging options in all price ranges.

Literary Love: 12 Works of Book Art & Architecture

These 12 sculptures, paintings, installations and even entire buildings take discarded books and give them new meaning and value.

Geiger Countertops: 13 Peripatetic Periodic Tables

Dmitri Mendeleev, creator of the first periodic table, would be shocked to discover how today's chemistry geeks are applying his original elementary concept.

Punk to Posh: 14 Quirky, Artsy & Elegant Netherlands Hotels

Travelers headed to the Netherlands can choose from the artsy, ultramodern and classically elegant in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Unfolding Interior Design: Origami-Inspired Furniture

These 12 origami-inspired furniture and home decor designs bring the grace and elegance of this ancient paper art into functional use for the home.

Concrete House on Stilts in Austria Has a Surprising Interior

The exterior is a rectangular box made of heavy concrete balanced on stilts, but step inside and you'll see an unexpectedly amorphous all-white interior.

Suspended Staircases: 18 Hanging Stair & Tread Sets

These 18 staircases seem to hover in mid-air with no visible support, hanging from hidden brackets, impossibly thin poles, bird nest-like cages or walls of ...

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