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Ultimate Modular Sofa Fits in Endless Configurations

Multi-functional, multi-configuration, multi-shaped sofas can be manipulated to the heart's content and pulled into seemingly endless configurations.

Lay of the Land: 13 Topographic Works of Art & Design

The lines that represent curves, dips and peaks on a landscape are celebrated for their beauty and symbolism in these 13 works of art and design.

The Swings of Things: 15 Daring Swing Set Designs

From urban art installations placing swings on billboards to whimsical and magical garden swings, these swing designs are far from the usual playground fixture.

Glow-in-the-Dark Home Furniture Lights Up Nights

These lounge chairs, bars, bathroom counters, plant pots, textiles and wallpaper designs feature integrated lights, glowing in the dark when the lights go out.

Copycats & Clones: 24 Near-Identical Architectural Designs

Whether it's intentional or coincidental, some structures bear a striking resemblance to other buildings and interiors that were created before them.

Top Pop-Up Shops: 14 Temporary Retail Stores

Literally erected overnight, pop-up shops can appear just about anywhere and aim to dazzle onlookers with unusual exteriors and stunning interior designs.

Pigs in a Box: Bizarre Balloon Animal Interior

The Los Angeles Design Group envisions an interactive, at times uncomfortably close experience with voluptuous balloon animals in a retail clothing store.

Not ‘Shopped: Colorfully Surreal Scenes by Sandy Skoglund

Tableaux artist Sandy Skoglund meticulously paints and arranges bizarre and surreal scenes, which seem like they can't possibly be real.

Big Bad Bed Head: 15 Strange & Nightmarish Pillow Designs

Sleeping beauties they're not, and sweet dreams may be too much to expect from these 15 nightmarish pillow designs.

Take a Seat for Two: 31 Wild & Wacky Sofas & Couches

Check out these fantastical couches that turn any living room into a major topic of conversation.

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