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3D Printed Car is Strong, Light and Close to Production

Strong as steel, half the weight and running on very little gas, the plastic Urbee 2 hybrid vehicle is manufactured with a near-automated 3D printing process.

Cloud Station: Floating Helium Roof for Ukraine Transit Hub

A futuristic concept for a train station in Ukraine features a cloud-like hovering canopy filled with helium, which seems as if it could float away at any time.

Futuristic Fashion: 35 Out-of-this-World Designer Looks

Perhaps in the future, we'll all wear spiky metallic caps, transparent plastic exoskeletons, transforming animatronic outfits and dresses that dispense smoke.

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Clock Watching: 15 Amazing Movie & TV Time Machines

These 15 memorable variations on H. G. Wells' antique Brass Age time machine chauffeured stars of stage and screen through thrilling sci-fi adventures.

22 Imaginative Flyby Concept Aircraft From Days Gone By

As the power of flight became commonplace, the vision of futuristic flight remained. Concepts for gigantic blimps, personal aircraft, and everything in between.

Hanging Hotel: Hard-to-Reach Resort for Rock Climbers

This 'Hanging Hotel' is only accessible to rock climbers, offering a customizable dreamlike interior of pods and platforms that provide a restful refuge.

No Need for Directions with GPS Shoes to Guide Your Feet

Inspired by Dorothy's shoes leading her home on the Wizard of Oz, these 'No Place Like Home' shoes are equipped with GPS to lead you to your destination.

Wallbots: Robotic Walls Automatically Reconfigure Rooms

Robotic walls use weather data and signals from inhabitants' behavior to reconfigure themselves into new orientations in this futuristic concept by Otto Ng.

Incredible: 10 New Images of Dubai Underwater Hotel Design

A stunning new underwater hotel is planned for Dubai, complete with glass-walled guest rooms that give guests unparalleled views of marine life from their beds.

3D Printing Goes Giant: Print Your Own Home?!

Imagine programming a large-scale, 3D-printing robot to simply print your entire home, from top to bottom, within a matter of hours.

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