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Robot Workshop: Contest Winners Envision Futuristic Innovation Space

The three winners of the suckerPUNCH Robot Workshop competition envision a futuristic, creative space in which robotics innovators can convene and work.

Right Hear, Right Now: 8 Terrific Techy Devices for the Deaf

These devices can help hearing impaired people communicate with the hearing world via an amazing array of high-tech solutions.

Commuter Commotion: 6 Futuristic Mass Transit Concepts

Public transportation is both the savior and the bane of the urban commuter. These six ideas stand to transform the way we move around the city of the future.

Past as Prologue? How Today Looked 100 Years Ago

The year 2000 as imagined in 1910 by French artist Villemard is full of fantastical ideas and contraptions, but also foreshadowed tech like teleconferencing.

Stop, Look and Love: 8 Redesigns of Classic Traffic Lights

The instantly-recognizable traffic light has been a standard sight on streets around the world for generations, but these designs aim to improve on a classic.

Back To The Future: 29 Thrilling Concept Cars & Designs

Concept cars are some of the coolest and popular manifestations of futurism today. Some are actually built, but most don't make it off the computer screen.

Design Visions of the Future: We’re Not (Quite) There Yet

We don't have a colony on Mars or even the Moon, we don't fly to work, and we're still using combustion engines... what's the deal? Where did the future go?

Here Today, Drawn Tomorrow: 16 Future Visions of 10 Cities

What will New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and 7 other cities look like in the future? Concept art depicts them in various states of decay and splendor.

Retro-Futurism: 13 Failed Urban Design Ideas & Concepts

From Hitler's vision of a post-WWII-victory Berlin to 'Boozetown', a drunkard's dream city, some of these retro urban design concepts were destined to fail.

Now and When: The Radical Future of Urban Australia

What does the future of Australian cities hold? These futuristic concepts envision a radically different tomorrow for Australia and the world.

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