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Whoops: 5 Great Examples of Guerilla Marketing Gone Wrong

Some guerrilla marketing is even done to support good causes though much of it is created to line the pockets of giant corporations.

15 Humanitarian Subvertisements Advocate Global Causes

Here are just some of the growing number of subversive advertising campaigns that have been to raise global awareness.

The Ultimate Urban Camouflage Collection: 10 Strange Examples from Coke Suits to Camo Cars

Here is a selection of ideal urban camouflage perfect for blending into the city scenery and traveling around town unseen while exploring amazing urban ...

Painting the Town Green: 7 Works of Plant, Grass & Moss Art

Here are seven examples of green creativity that involve alternative uses of natural materials, including grass-covered cars and farm-field murals.

Car Tents to Times Square: Bold Acts of Urban Camping

Urban camping means different things to different people, from living without a vehicle or electricity and plumbing to squatting in unused properties and more.

7 Extreme Urban Sports Videos: Parkour, Biking & Blading

Here are some extreme city sports you aren't likely to see in a sports stadium - fasten your seat belt and strap on your helmet for seven really wild rides.

Parkour & Free Running: Urban Acrobats Jump Buildings

What if you saw the building walls and other urban obstacles around you not as barriers, but as tempting challenges to be overcome?

Spontaneous Gatherings: Subway Parties to Pillow Fights

What is urban life without a little excitement, spontaneity and strangeness? In city settings, these have huge and fun disruptive potential as well!

Drop Spots: Share Secret Objects With Strangers in Cities

Drop Spots are the basis for a unique form of urban interaction where you can leave or retrieve hidden objects left by you or others in a never-ending game.

Ecological Subversion: Guerilla Gardening in Public Spaces

Have you ever wondered why so much public space goes to waste? Seemingly 'natural' green areas are carefully cultivated, requiring time, energy and water.

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