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Suburb-Terranean: 70s Bunker Home Simulates Day & Night

It is a dream home like any other of its era, with brick walls, sliding doors, stock windows and shingle roofs as well as a lawn, garden, trees and pool. The ...

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Live Between Buildings: Narrow Micro-Homes Fill City Gaps

Playful yet thought-provoking, this project asks: what do we do with small leftover spaces in cities … particularly in urban areas where even a few ...

Beautifully Simple: School Bus Turned Minimal Mobile Home

You could make a strong case for this vehicle being barely recognizable as such. The dimensions, fenestration and over spatial configuration give good clues ...

Heart of the Home Laid Open: Intimate Kitchen Portraits

Would you ever allow a stranger to come into your home, open every cabinet and cupboard in your kitchen, and photograph whatever he finds? Artist Erik Klein ...

Transformer Theater: Deserted House, Upcycled in Disguise

This incredible transforming theater, built from salvaged pieces of a deserted home, is more than meets the eye. A community theater in disguise, its contents ...

Wheel House: Circular Hobo Home is a Rolling Circus Marvel

In this strange circus performance piece, two travelers turn architectural conventions on end, moving an offbeat nomadic home through a comedic narrative via ...

Cute, Kitschy, Cool: 12 Clever Chinese Desk Fan Designs

Intended for low-cost mass production but displaying a wide variety of clever conceptual designs, these 12 Chinese desk fans may blow but they sure don't suck.

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Vertical Garage: Hide Cars Below or Lift Your Ride to the Sky

There are all kinds of houses designed to showcase your prized luxury vehicle or custom cruiser, but few can boast so blatant a mechanism to quite literally ...

Nail House: Holdout Building Had Highway Built Around It

China is full of strange stories of so-called 'nail houses' - homes of people who refuse to move to make way for a large development project.

Decor on Demand: 14 3D-Printed Home Accents

Liven up your home decor with fun 3D-printed accents like lamps, espresso cups, planters and kits to make three-dimensional geometric objects out of pencils.

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