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Maids of the Mist: 15 Steamy Humidifier Designs

These 15 humidifier designs run the gamut from cute to clever to kitten-powered. Dry air got you down? Regain your cool with a dreamy steam machine!

Hot & Cold: Color-Changing Tile Creates Transforming Spaces

These unusual tiles let your bathroom or other room change in appearance as easily as changing the ambient temperature.

Ultimate Modular Sofa Fits in Endless Configurations

Multi-functional, multi-configuration, multi-shaped sofas can be manipulated to the heart's content and pulled into seemingly endless configurations.

Pretty Pointy: 15 Cool Concept Toothpick Holders

These 15 cool concept toothpick holders display your wee wooden weapons to best advantage while adding a designer dash to any kitchen, bar or chicken wing cafe.

Sink Different: Macquarium Gives Used iMacs New Life

The Macquarium is a Mac and a “P Sea”. It's an aquarium well worth monitoring and the only floppy drives included are the tails of your finny friends.

Buzz Cool: 10 Shockingly Creative Multi-Plug Power Strips

These 10 creative power strip concepts pick up where bland & boring store-bought outlet bars leave off, adding a cooler buzz to increasingly plugged-in lives.

Big Bad Bed Head: 15 Strange & Nightmarish Pillow Designs

Sleeping beauties they're not, and sweet dreams may be too much to expect from these 15 nightmarish pillow designs.

Border Wars: 12 Offensive Fences Worth Picketing

If, as the esteemed poet Robert Frost once opined, “Good fences make good neighbors,” these 15 fiendishly offensive fences must make good neighbors... ...

Steeped In Tradition: 10 Wild & Woolly Tea Cozies

Even quintessentially British tea cozies have their radical fringe. These 10 extreme tea cozies show what happens when natty knitters think outside the bag.

Architecture of WikiLeaks: Stockholm Cold War Bunker

Looking like the hidden lair of a James Bond villain, the Banhof data center housing two WikiLeaks servers is cutting-edge and inspired by science fiction.

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