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Set Top Glow: Cool, Kitschy, Ceramic TV Lamps

In America's golden age of black & white television, the dark shadows cast by cathode ray tubes were tempered by the warm glow of kitschy set-top TV Lamps.

Digital Retro: 10 Sundial & Hourglass Clocks & Watches

The centuries-old designs of the sundial and hourglass have served us well, but these new digital redesigns are more fit for our modern lives.

Damn Dirty Dishes: 13 Cutting-Edge Dishwasher Designs

These dishwasher concepts all start from the same point - a machine that washes dishes for you - and go in some unexpected and interesting directions.

Ghostly Paper Mansions & Spectral Stop-Motion Animations

These haunting paper buildings are produced simply by folding the paper - millimeter-scale differences catch and reflect light and cast illusions.

Wild Wallpaper: Interactive Decor You Can Rip & Color

Hanging wallpaper is made much more fun when you get to paint and peel it, revealing intricate geometric patterns that won't be found on any other wall.

Hip Potty Musts: 15 Concept Designer Toilet Brushes

From the outhouse to the White House, these 15 concept designer toilet brushes never bristle when it comes to cleaning the latrine.

Maids of the Mist: 15 Steamy Humidifier Designs

These 15 humidifier designs run the gamut from cute to clever to kitten-powered. Dry air got you down? Regain your cool with a dreamy steam machine!

Hot & Cold: Color-Changing Tile Creates Transforming Spaces

These unusual tiles let your bathroom or other room change in appearance as easily as changing the ambient temperature.

Ultimate Modular Sofa Fits in Endless Configurations

Multi-functional, multi-configuration, multi-shaped sofas can be manipulated to the heart's content and pulled into seemingly endless configurations.

Pretty Pointy: 15 Cool Concept Toothpick Holders

These 15 cool concept toothpick holders display your wee wooden weapons to best advantage while adding a designer dash to any kitchen, bar or chicken wing cafe.

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