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Balancing Buildings: 14 Structures that Seem to Defy Gravity

Heavy structures seem to hover in mid-air, supported only by spindly poles or narrow beams of concrete. Towers lean toward the ground at alarming angles. ...

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Living in a Bubble: 15 Privacy-Free Transparent Houses

Sometimes, beautiful views of your surroundings simply trump the need for privacy. Living in a bubble isn’t so bad when you’re in a remote location ...

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Hover Houses: 12 Cliff-Clinging Homes with a View

Swim to the edge of an infinity pool that feels as if it’s going to pour right out into the sea, or stand on a glass-walled balcony hanging off a ...

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House of Metal: 15 Steel and Aluminum-Clad Residences

Durable, reflective and often becoming even more beautiful with exposure to the elements, metal is an unusual choice in exterior treatment for houses. These 15 ...

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Surrealist Disaster-Proof Structures for Dangerous Locations

Some spots are such beautiful potential locations for a home, yet repeated natural disasters make them inhospitable for all but the strongest and most durable ...

Alley Stack: Brooklyn Home Made of 5 Shipping Containers

A tiny slice of real estate in Brooklyn is now an affordable, low-impact multi-level residence made of five stacked and renovated shipping containers. ...

House in Reverse: Rooftop Driveway Leads to Hillside Home

Most people with single-family homes are used to pulling up into their driveways and then ascending flights of stairs to get to the living spaces. But in this ...

Half Abandoned: Twin Townhouses Tell Two-Sided Stories

Physically conjoined but separately sold upon construction, the lives of paired buildings (ones that share a common wall) can diverge dramatically as this ...

Fit for a Villain: 12 Surprisingly Homey Underground Lairs

Ranging from renovated missile silos to stunning modern homes built into hillsides, these 12 underground lairs are ideal for villainous activities.

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Private Playgrounds: 13 Amazingly Fun Houses

Fun and unexpected features like slides, pirate ship forts, indoor skate parks, tree houses and trap doors turn these 13 homes into private playgrounds.

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