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Norway Mountain Cabin Roof Doubles as a Ski Slope

The architecture firm Fantastic Norway designs a very remote mountain getaway cabin that's sloped to allow winter sports on top, like skiing and sledding.

Angular Masterpieces: 10 Home Designs Defined by Angles

These 10 home designs take full advantage of the eye-catching nature of jagged corners and sharp angles, resulting in unforgettable architectural creations.

13 Modern Minimalist Movie Posters by Matt Owen

Graphic designer Matt Owen sums up classic films like A Clockwork Orange, Big and The Breakfast Club with minimal imagery for movie posters that really pop.

Ephemeral Entertainment: 13 Temporary Pavilions & Venues

Temporary event venues needn't be boring white tents, as these 13 incredibly creative and often eco-friendly examples prove with exciting, innovative design.

Not Just Jail: 12 Modern, Futuristic & Fascinating Prisons

These 12 correctional facilities deviate from the norm with unusual designs, often aiming to revolutionize the way in which inmates interact with the world.

Take a Seat for Two: 31 Wild & Wacky Sofas & Couches

Check out these fantastical couches that turn any living room into a major topic of conversation.

Designed for Drama: 13 Fresh New Modern Theaters

These 13 modern theater designs include a new take on the Roman Colosseum, a recycled pop-up theater in London and an abstract wooden state in Estonia.

Healing Arts: 15 Outstanding Hospital & Clinic Buildings

State-of-the-art doesn't have to mean cold and impersonal. These 15 medical building designs are just as dynamic, unique and welcoming as museums and homes.

Crafty to Crazy: 13 Contemporary Cafes & Coffee Shops

Stop in to any of these 13 design-oriented cafes around the world and you might just forget about food and beverages altogether, wowed by the interior decor.

Organic Glamour? Chic Restaurant Design Gone Wild

A hip nightclub in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood draws inspiration from the wild and quirky fashions seen in the streets as well as from organic forms in ...

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