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Outside Offices: 14 Detached Work Pods, Eggs, Modules & More

These 14 modern detached offices and studios are compact, self-contained and easy to assemble, making them perfect for serene backyard work spaces.

Tower with a Twist: Very Top-Heavy Vancouver Skyscraper

This is what creative design is all about: taking a familiar typology and turning (or twisting) it around ... not merely to show off something new and unique.

Asymmetrical and Acid-Yellow Storefront for Konzepp

A Hong Kong gadget & gift shop called Konzepp gets a fittingly bright, modern, angular facade in this asymmetrical storefront design by 33WILL.

Open House(s): 10 Wonderful Open-Plan Home Designs

Open floor plans allow even the smallest cottage to seem spacious and luxurious. These 10 homes with open plans are the pinnacle of modern architectural design.

Modern Religion: 13 Contemporary Churches & Chapels

Unlike the intricate spires and scrolls of traditional churches, these modern church designs focus on minimalism to enhance the beauty of natural light.

Artistic Dollar Redesign is Beautiful, Simple & Practical

Artist Dowling Duncan redesigns America's paper money, giving each note a different length & color and assigning meaningful imagery that relates to its value.

Norway Mountain Cabin Roof Doubles as a Ski Slope

The architecture firm Fantastic Norway designs a very remote mountain getaway cabin that's sloped to allow winter sports on top, like skiing and sledding.

Angular Masterpieces: 10 Home Designs Defined by Angles

These 10 home designs take full advantage of the eye-catching nature of jagged corners and sharp angles, resulting in unforgettable architectural creations.

13 Modern Minimalist Movie Posters by Matt Owen

Graphic designer Matt Owen sums up classic films like A Clockwork Orange, Big and The Breakfast Club with minimal imagery for movie posters that really pop.

Ephemeral Entertainment: 13 Temporary Pavilions & Venues

Temporary event venues needn't be boring white tents, as these 13 incredibly creative and often eco-friendly examples prove with exciting, innovative design.

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