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Bank on It: 13 (More!) Sleek & Secure Bank Designs

These 13 banks, from Australia to Denmark, aren't ugly '80s skyscrapers with boring beige interiors - they're fresh, modern, green and surprisingly fun.

Waterfront Wonders: 8 Great Modern Island + Ocean Homes

With stunning views of lakes, rivers and beaches, these eight modernist homes are a perfect match for their gorgeous waterfront settings.

Signs of the Times: 13 Architectural Signage Designs

Far from a postscript, the signage in these 13 structures serve as integral parts of each design, covering entire facades or standing hundreds of feet tall.

Spectacular Spain: 15 Standout Hotels from Madrid to Ibiza

These 15 hotels are some of the most stylish, design-oriented accommodations Spain has to offer, from the beaches of Barcelona to Rioja wine country.

Almost Famous: 13 Houses from Major Hollywood Films

These 13 modern houses served as eye-catching settings for movies ranging from forgettable flicks to iconic classics, sometimes even eclipsing the stories.

Can a Parking Garage be Sexy? Miami’s 1111 Lincoln Road

1111 Lincoln Road isn't just a parking garage. It's a destination in itself, serving as a desirable events space for weddings, photo shoots, concerts and more.

Desert Designs: Amazing Homes & Oasis-Oriented Architecture

These 12 modern approaches to comfortable, stylish energy-efficient living in the desert take cues from the natural landscape and use innovative passive ...

Bella Italia: 15 Stylish Hotels from Venice to Sicily

From the Italian alps all the way down to Sicily, these 15 hotels and resorts offer stylish, modern, fashion-forward lodging options in all price ranges.

16 Simply Stunning All-Black Packaging Designs

Bold and dramatic, these 16 products use black packaging to make a statement and stand out from all of those busy, brightly-colored competitors.

Concrete House on Stilts in Austria Has a Surprising Interior

The exterior is a rectangular box made of heavy concrete balanced on stilts, but step inside and you'll see an unexpectedly amorphous all-white interior.

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