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Monster Mash: 8 Giant, Earth-Shaking, Prehistoric Beasts

The coolest extinct animals are now the most mundane. A giant rodent the size of a small car is much more exciting than the one scurrying on the subway track.

High Hopes Turn Man-Made Structure into Green City Retreat

The second section of the High Line park has opened in NYC. The unique park was once an elevated railroad track but now provides a slice of nature in the city.

Kate Macdowell Porcelain: Explorations of Humans and Nature

Kate Macdowell creates stunning porcelain that is aesthetically beautiful, but also full of depth, as her pieces explore the interaction of humanity and nature.

The Hills Have Eyes: Joshua Tree’s Spook-tacular Skull Rock

Skull Rock: this naturally formed, supernatural looking rock formation stares across an otherworldly landscape of tumbling tumbleweeds and twisted Joshua trees.

The Roaring Silence: 10 Cool & Creepy Abandoned Zoos

These 10 abandoned zoos, formerly places bursting with life, laughter and wonder, are all that remains after the cages are emptied and wildlife moves on.

Futuretecture: From Sea Cities to Space Colonies

What will cities look like in the future? Will we begin to colonize space? These 8 fantastical ideas might be the beginning of the architecture of the future.

Primates: Humans in Their Natural Form [Somewhat NSFW]

We've come to think of humans as the masters of the planet, but individually we are still small and vulnerable. This lovely photo series captures our frailty.

Monstrous Beasts: 14 Bizarre Dinosaurs and Extinct Species

There was a time when size and ferocity were the most valuable attributes for a creature to have. Here are 14 odd creatures that have called our planet home:

Dead But Not Forgotten: 12 Incredible Creatures Gone Extinct

Animals have gone from small to huge, and back, in a cycle that left many species in the dust. Here are 12 of the most intriguing lines to hit a dead end.

Fly on the Wall: Wacky Dead Insect Photography Scenes

Insects often make interesting photography subjects, but these insect photos are a little different: the photographer poses the bugs in hilarious tableaus.

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