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Rural Urbanism: Forest Community of One-Pole Tree Houses

Pristine nature versus urban development seem ever at war, but this designer proposes a low-impact, small-footprint approach for cross-kingdom co-habitation ...

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Bubble Hotels: Spacious Spherical Retreats Set in Nature

Somewhere on the scale between tent and cabin lies the bubble hotel, an optionally transparent or opaque plastic retreat that is roomier than normal camping ...

Infinite Garden Multiplies Miniature Forest with Mirrors

Holes in a hovering white canvas box give the viewer a glimpse of a seemingly magical landscape in which a small planted area becomes a vast forest.

Geometric Projections: Light Art Radically Reshapes Nature

Everyone knows there are mathematical patterns to be found everywhere in nature - though few such geometries are as explicit and dazzling as these.

Treehouse Taster: 3 Wildly Different Types of Tree Houses

Some strange treehouses have slipped through the cracks, their stories and histories unknown, yet the images of them are too amazing to go un-shown.

Elemental Elegance: 14 Amazing Photographs of Elements

The elements are everywhere, but it isn't often that we get a good, close-up look at them. This series of photos gives a stunning new perspective on them.

Roaringly Realistic Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera

A stunning series of sculptural animal chairs marries the awe-inspiring drama of elephants, rhinos, octopi and more to functional furniture in stylish black.

Gone to Seed: 9 Green Plant-Sprouting Product Designs

These products all have one thing in common: they were designed to be reincarnated as blooming flowers, fragrant herbs or delicious vegetables.

Train Station Infiltrated by the Spontaneous Order of Nature

This concept for a Vienna train station introduces the seemingly chaotic forces of nature into an orderly urban environment.

Urban Geodes: Crystal Street Art Hidden in Broken Spaces

Breaking open even the dullest rock may reveal amazing crystals. This street art project exposes formations in cracked concrete, broken brick and rusted pipes.

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