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Kite Cameras: Aerial Photography Accessible to Anyone

Towers convey power, and height is both literally and metaphorically connected to broader and better views ... but now, relatively simple kites can too.

Small Worlds: Strange & Shocking Miniature City Scenes

There is no unifying theme to these surreal depictions of urban architecture and landscapes, save perhaps their imaginative improbability and singular creator.

Vertical Horizon: Urban Photographs Turn City Upside Down

Hong Kong is a much-photographed city, but these shots present a rarely-seen perspective by documentarians or pedestrians ... unless they look straight up.

Seconds to Years: 3 Scales of Time-Lapse Photography

With the rise of digital technologies, photographers are finding increasingly fascinating ways to capture minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even entire ...

Image Hacking: 40+ Glitch Art Photos, Paintings & Videos

Corrupted image and video files are turned into alternately haunting and psychedelic works of 'glitch art', also known as 'databending.'

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Works of Impossible Architecture Built from Found Photos

Like the architecture of dreams, these images are seamlessly integrated, yet structurally surreal ... and, like waking up: they hard to recall when you look ...

Invisible Apparel: Material-Free Dresses Made of Light

Combining light art photography and high fashion, these show-stopping runway gowns are manufactured without physical material and composed purely of light.

Shophouses: 6 Ultra-Small Urban Live-and-Work Spaces

These tiny, chaotic live/work spaces in Bangkok are filled to the brim with both the tools of the trade and the owners' personal possessions.

Rainbow Food Photography is Not Entirely Appetizing

These rainbow-colored meals may be pretty to look at, but would you ever eat one? This photography series puts a whole new spin on the way we look at food.

Action Figure Booth: 3D Printer Creates Custom Figurines

In Tokyo, customers can walk into a photo booth, have their images captured, and then walk out not with photos, but action figures that look just like them.

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