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Rural Ruins: 20 Eerie Images of Abandonments

The countryside is littered with abandoned structures, from weathered stables and barns about to collapse to stately manors that have fallen into ruin.

Daring Dress-Up in All Kinds of Recycled Outfits

Fashion photography typically involves some kind of clothing. But in this series, consumer products such as Coke cans and M&Ms stand in for high fashion.

Interior Aerial Photos: Room Portraits Show Personal Stories

Day in and day out we see the same rooms in the same ways. But what if you could get a unique new view on your home, office, school or favorite coffee shop ... ...

21st Century Tintypes: Incredible Old-Fashioned Photography

Photographer Michael Shindler revived the nearly-dead art of tintypes, taking high-definition portraits of thousands of subjects in his San Francisco studio.

All You Own: Can You Fit Your World into One Photograph?

Many of us own so much stuff it can be hard to quantify what lurks between all of our cupboards, closets, drawers and more. Can you cram it all inside just one ...

Pixelated Portraits Made of Crayons by Christian Faur

Row after row of carefully chosen crayons come together into stunning reproductions of Great Depression-era photographs in Christian Faur's portrait series.

PopSpots: NYC Album Cover Locations, Now and Then

The exact locations where iconic album cover photographs were taken, like Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, are tracked down in this series of transposed ...

Gallery-Worthy Gadgetry: 10 Terrific High-Tech Art Projects

Technology makes our lives better, but it can also make the world a more beautiful place. These 10 art projects all use technology to create compelling images.

Double Agent JR: Undercover Photographer & Guerilla Artist

Photographers are the subject of a medium-old question: does their work represent reality, or create new realities? This one undoubtedly does both in fantastic ...

Fine Art Photographer Brings Banksy’s Street Art to Life

New Zealand native Linda Radosinska takes her photography to the streets in Exit Through the Thrift Shop, a stunning series of Banksy-inspired images.

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