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Rainbow Food Photography is Not Entirely Appetizing

These rainbow-colored meals may be pretty to look at, but would you ever eat one? This photography series puts a whole new spin on the way we look at food.

Action Figure Booth: 3D Printer Creates Custom Figurines

In Tokyo, customers can walk into a photo booth, have their images captured, and then walk out not with photos, but action figures that look just like them.

Impossible Gadget Turns Digital Photos Into Analog Prints

Missing Polaroid photos? The company that bought the world's last Polaroid film factory has invented a gadget to make iPhone photos into Polaroid prints.

Miniature City Scenes: 21 of Slinkachu’s Tiny Art Installations

Slinkachu is a UK-based artist who creates tiny scenes on city streets. He photographs each scene and then leaves it to be discovered.

Camouflage Posters Turn 3D Reality into 2D Illusions

Three-dimensional reality wrinkles and folds when photographic posters of scenes are placed on top of the actual scenes in a form of urban camouflage.

Material Worlds: All Their Possessions in Just One Picture

After a recent look at urban Europeans posing with all they own, this potent look at rural Asian families and their worldly possessions is nothing if not a ...

Ghost Architecture: Building Demolition Photo Composites

These pictures highlight a dark new perspective on the processes of urban deconstruction, showing before, during and after images of once-proud civic ...

San Francisco Past & Present: Blended Images from 1906 and 2012

It's amazing to see just how far San Francisco has come since the 1906 earthquake in these incredible composite images of past and present by Shawn Clover.

Rural Ruins: 20 Eerie Images of Abandonments

The countryside is littered with abandoned structures, from weathered stables and barns about to collapse to stately manors that have fallen into ruin.

Daring Dress-Up in All Kinds of Recycled Outfits

Fashion photography typically involves some kind of clothing. But in this series, consumer products such as Coke cans and M&Ms stand in for high fashion.

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