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Paper Cuts: 40 Puzzling Pop Culture Silhouettes

Can you guess the identity of these iconic movie, television and comic book characters just by a basic outline of their heads?

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Real-Life Tetris: Items Fit Perfectly in Street Sculptures

Old objects fill empty spaces between buildings and in doorways. They look like the results of a closet explosion, but they are carefully crafted sculptures.

Wild Horses: The Art of Making a Real 3D Poster

Artist Xavier Barrade created this stunning 3D papercraft horse poster, which seems to burst out of the wall, to promote a song by UK band Dry the River.

Face Books: 4 Written Portraits form 3D Autobiographies

Move over, Facebook. Here is a novel hybrid celebration of the written word, printed page, physical sculpture and possibilities of cutting-edge technologies.

Ad-Free Advertising: A Void Billboard of Nothingness

An odd metal billboard on the border between the United States and Canada advertises nothing but empty air, drawing the viewer's eye to the landscape.

Pixelated and Underwater: Azuma Makoto’s Bonsai Art

Botanical artist Azuma Makoto has created stunningly intricate bonsai trees, one made of Lego blocks and the other submerged in an aquarium.

Roaringly Realistic Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera

A stunning series of sculptural animal chairs marries the awe-inspiring drama of elephants, rhinos, octopi and more to functional furniture in stylish black.

Stories Jump Out of the Pages with 3D Book Sculptures

Characters from iconic stories like Treasure Island and Bambi leap out of the pages of open books in whimsical book paper sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown.

What Drumsticks! 12 Thanksgiving Turkey Statues

Forget “jive turkeys” and WKRP's Thanksgiving airdrop, these 12 tall turkey statues pay tribute to the succulent bird that gave sustenance to the Pilgrims.

Math + Paper Craft: Computer Scientist Creates 3D Origami

Computer scientist Jun Mitani designs software that generates mathematical designs for complex three-dimensional origami crafted from a single sheet of paper.

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