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Olympic Disguise: Titanium Fish Screen Installation for London

An 820-foot-long titanium school of fish was installed in London for the summer to hide a 1970s shopping center from view of Olympic visitors.

Metal Heads: Sculptures Made of Movable Type & Hardware

Movable type and a variety of tiny metal bits and pieces are stunningly crafted into masks and heads in this sculpture series by artist Dale Dunning.

Salt Sculptures: 12 Stunning Artworks by Motoi Yamamoto

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto uses salt's symoblic role in Japanese culture to create amazingly complex and emotional salt sculptures and drawings.

Welcome To Hell: 22 Grisly And Terrifying Sculptures

Birds are chirping and Spring is in full bloom. It's time to add a little contrast by delving into the dark and grisly world of horrifying monster sculptures.

Incredibly Intricate 2.5 Ton Carved Marble Manhattan

The island of Manhattan is a fascinating place on its own, but one artist has given it new life. This marble recreation of Manhattan is full of amazing details.

Face to Face: 29 Explorations In Facial Art, Design & Imagery

Sculptors in ancient history are the only ones who ever had time to truly study the human form and create beautiful works of art out of it, right? Wrong.

Suspended Grass Figures Grow Green in Galleries

French artist Mathilde Roussel makes a statement about the origins of our food with this series of hanging human figures, which sprout grass seeds over time.

Bright Lights, Big City: 15 (More!) Light Art Installations

15 artists use light as a medium to craft incredible installations like massive LED cathedrals, glowing skeletons and fields of artificial flowers.

Incarnate: Skull Carved from Outdated Computer Books

Artist Maskull Lasserre carves a skull from old software manuals, a snake skeleton from the handle of an axe and a child's teeth from a wooden picture frame.

Paper Architecture: Intricate 3D Sculptures by Ingrid Siliakus

Amsterdam-based artist Ingrid Siliakus cuts and folds sheets of paper into dazzlingly detailed three-dimensional buildings and cities.

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