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Futuristic Food: 14 Edible Wonders of 3D-Printing Technology

Chocolate brains, bacon mobius strips, sugar sculptures and instant burritos are among the future food wonders made with 3D printing technology.

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Thinker Thing: 3D-Printed Object Made Using Brain Waves

A headset that detects brain patterns analyzes responses to visual stimuli and sends them to a 3D printer to create sculptural objects.

World’s Largest LEGO Model: Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

The largest LEGO model ever built is a life-size Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter made of over 5 million bricks and weighing 45,000 pounds.

Offcut Cityscapes: Sketching Sculptures with Band Saws

An adept furniture maker is familiar with scrap - but this artist has turned leftover materials into something just as fantastic as his designer projects.

Tag Before the Tide: Temporary 3D Sand Graffiti by DAIM

Artist Mirko Reisser has long developed a highly personalized (and profoundly cool) approach to making two-dimensional tags appear three-dimensional on ...

Shadow Sculptures: Illusions from Clumps of Junk

Seemingly random bits of junk produce the most unexpected shadows when a light is shined upon them from a certain angle in these sculptures by Diet Wiegman.

Not a Glitch: Cabinet Carved with Disorienting Design

What looks at first like a corrupted image file is actually a real wood cabinet with a traditional carved design that has been 'stretched' for a glitch effect.

Factory to Self-Fabrication: 14 3D-Printed Design Objects

Designers are creating everything from working guitars and records to puzzles and puppets with desktop 3D printers, bringing their digital concepts to life.

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Flexible Paper Sculptures Bend Reality + Warp Perceptions

Li Hongbo's sculptures look like fine ceramic at first, but they are far more layered than they appear. This talented artist excels in the unexpected.

3D-Printing Pen: Draw Sculptures with this Magical Marker

2D or 3D? Drawing or sculpture? These dichotomies break down as you build up a physical model using a traditionally two-dimensional technique.

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