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Stoned Hipsters: Ancient Greeks in Modern Hipster Attire

We’ve all seen hipsters in the wild, and even if we can’t perfectly define what a hipster is, we know one when we see one. Parisian artist Léo ...

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Tiny Row House Installation Restores Missing Addresses

The seemingly 'missing' houses between numbers 54 and 70 on an Amsterdam street are restored in miniature by ad agency Natwerk.

Type Face: Monumental Figurative Sculptures Made of Text

Jumbles of illegible text form oversized, contemplative human figures looking over public spaces from London to Dubai in these typographic works by Jaume ...

An Entire Amusement Park Smashed Into a Four-Ton Cube

Amusement parks bring up fond memories of fast rides, junk food and hours in the sun. An artist has compressed all of that into one colorful cube.

Living Architecture: Evolving Pavilion Made by Silk Worms

A collaboration between digital and biological fabrication, this pavilion is a computer-produced base structure topped with the creation of living silk worms.

Futuristic Food: 14 Edible Wonders of 3D-Printing Technology

Chocolate brains, bacon mobius strips, sugar sculptures and instant burritos are among the future food wonders made with 3D printing technology.

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Thinker Thing: 3D-Printed Object Made Using Brain Waves

A headset that detects brain patterns analyzes responses to visual stimuli and sends them to a 3D printer to create sculptural objects.

World’s Largest LEGO Model: Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

The largest LEGO model ever built is a life-size Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter made of over 5 million bricks and weighing 45,000 pounds.

Offcut Cityscapes: Sketching Sculptures with Band Saws

An adept furniture maker is familiar with scrap - but this artist has turned leftover materials into something just as fantastic as his designer projects.

Tag Before the Tide: Temporary 3D Sand Graffiti by DAIM

Artist Mirko Reisser has long developed a highly personalized (and profoundly cool) approach to making two-dimensional tags appear three-dimensional on ...

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