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Urban Time Lapse: 15 Videos Show Cities at Super Speeds

Watch the frenetic motion of urban scenes around the world in mesmerizing time lapse videos created using thousands of still photographs. Often captured from ...

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Go Somewhere Else: 8 Abandoned Roadside Rest Stops

Rest stops and welcome centers are to highway travel what oases are to desert caravans, with one exception: when an oasis dries up, the camels unload anyway.

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Roaming Market: Modern Update on 16th Century Tradition

A colorful cart with a rooftop stage and a built-in seating area for chess based on 16th-century pageant carts promotes the Waterloo district of London.

Botel: Floating Hotel with Modular Detachable Room Boats

Instead of static spaces, the unique sleeping areas in this hotel are dynamic vehicles you can use to depart the core structure in which you are staying.

Test Your Geography Skills with Google Maps Game

Guess what city - or even what continent - the geography game GeoGuessr has dropped you into using nothing more than images from Google Maps.

Exotic Green Getaway: Lush Villa Made of Local Materials

The Alila Villas in Bali blend modern and traditional architectural elements in a resort made of locally sourced materials, honoring the natural setting.

High Seas Venture: SF Tech Incubator in International Waters

Imagine heading out from San Francisco to a bustling technology hub closer than Silicon Valley ... yet an entire country away in a place that requires no work ...

Tentsile: Extreme Travel Tree Tents Hang Like Hammocks

Tensile treehouse shelters take extreme camping further, allowing you to loft a portable residence amid any forest, above water, mud, sand or sheer void.

Homeless Hotel: Radical Urban Retreat has No Rooms, Ever

You may have seen some strange and unique accommodations, but few hosts can boast something as unusual as this unreal room-free resort in Sweden.

Temporary Urban Coffee Farm Grows & Sells Bean Brew

A vibrant urban coffee farm and cafe made of pallets and shipping containers temporarily inhabits downtown Melbourne for the city's 2013 Food and Wine Festival.

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