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RedBall Project Takes Interactive Urban Art on Tour

A huge inflatable red ball travels around the world, showing up in cities like Toronto and Abu Dhabi, squeezed into entryways and hovering above the street.

A Moveable Feast: 14 Mobile & Pop-Up Restaurants

These mobile and temporary pop-up restaurants, cafes and bars won't stay in your area long enough for you to get bored with them, so enjoy them while you can.

Lisbon Lights Up with Modern Christmas Decorations

The city of Lisbon, Portugal got creative in the face of budget issues this year with an annual Christmas light display that's as festive as ever.

Literary Landscapes: Carved Books by Guy Laramee

Encyclopedias in English and Chinese are eroded into landscapes by artist Guy Laramee, in a narrative about a dystopian vision of the 23rd century.

Modern Religion: 13 Contemporary Churches & Chapels

Unlike the intricate spires and scrolls of traditional churches, these modern church designs focus on minimalism to enhance the beauty of natural light.

Marvelous Mystery of Britain’s Money-Making Trees

Money doesn't grow on trees anywhere in the world, but some trees in Britain are laden with the coins of people who have passed by through the years.

Halloween Horror: America’s 13 Scariest Haunted Houses

Demented clowns with chainsaws, monster spiders, human meat-processing, crazed killers - face all of these horrors and more at America's scariest haunted ...

Twisty Mystery: Ancient Underground German Tunnels

At least 700 cramped, mysterious tunnel systems exist beneath urban and rural Germany with many more in the rest of Europe - but what were they for?

Bountiful Books: 13 Incredibly Intricate Historic Libraries

All the beauty of historic churches, but filled to the ceiling with books: these 13 libraries from Iowa to Prague dazzle with classic architectural details.

Pie in the Sky? Not in Dubai! 8 Mind-Blowing Projects

Lavish wealth and a willing-to-do-anything attitude has brought fame to Dubai. With these awesome projects in the works, Dubai's fame is well-deserved.

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